Stuck at 90% to level 2!


since many days i made it to 90% to level 2 , and waiting to accomplish my 50th order. well, i did it yesterday but i still on level 1.

what to do guys ?


Checkout your completed order…


Reply to @mjgenius: yes i have 46 completed orders. in the old system i think it was saying only 50 orders not completed orders. i guess this is the problem


Reply to @imadou: It was always 50 completed orders, as far as I know.


Hi there,

You must “COMPLETE” 50 order and your account must be 2 months old to reach level 2.

I hope this help :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue! I do well, but then orders dry up and I can’t level up. You have to fulfill X amount of orders within a certain period of time.


Reply to @yosantana12: ok thanks, so i guess it’s a bit more difficult :confused: some weeks ago i had many orders but not anymore !


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they may not be promoting because of your score… 90% may not be high enough for level 2