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Stuck at dropping levels because no opportunity

It’s not really fair to keep us stuck at a level when you give us literally no opportunity to succeed. My response rate is 89% despite the fact that I have responded to every single message I have received, which is very few. I also never get orders, and NEVER have the opportunity to prove myself so my level just gets lower and lower every eval period, and the lower my level the less visible my profile so it’s like you are banishing us as social pariahs.

I’m sick and tired of your system and you treating your freelancers like crap. I have been an active seller here for years and all my reviews are positive, yet you continually design your system to screw us. It’s all almost as if you are not really serious about doing business with anyone who is not a pro-level gig. You guys seriously suck, you make money off of OUR work and continue to treat us like crap.


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