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Stuck in Revision

Has this happened to anyone?

A buyer reached out an wanted a sample voice over of a large script to give her client a female voice option. I explained I no longer give free samples and I created a sample gig and sent her the link. She was very pleasant but not overly so.

She suggested a longer sample of 150 words and I said perfect that is my basic voice over rate. I created the fully produced sample of 150 words the same day! I normally charge for same day delivery but Knew her client was probably waiting (that’s on me)

A few days went by and she wants a revision but her message said she would show her client. I was thinking, red flag… why is she putting this into revision when there is nothing to revise.

A few days go by and she apologizes for the late response and her client loved my voice but wanted to stay with a male voice. She thanked me and said she hoped we could work together again and then…She clicked REVSION! Wait…what…? Did I miss something? I contacted CS and said I think a buyer has scammed me and Fiverr.

This is a clear attempt and must be practiced often by this person or company. Hey just leave it in the REVISION mode and you don’t have to pay for it!

She was from a large branding, marketing company.

CS agreed that I had given her what she asked for and there was no reason to leave it in revision but wanted me to wait to see if she completes the job. So it’s been about 9 days.

I realize that having an order in revision in perpetuity is better than a cancellation but the idea that it’s a clever way to get free work on Fiverr is just beyond belief.

Here is my immediate reply to her: “Hi ——-, I am just wondering why the order is in Revision. Revisions are for orders that need a change or modification. I am sure you may have clicked the wrong button as Revisions are for projects that need changes. Since your client did not feel a female voice was the direction, there is no Revision needed.

Thank you for reaching out to me as a new buyer since April 2020. I am sure it was an oversite as it appears that you may be new to Fiverr. The next step would be to complete the order so the funds are released according to the Terms of Service.

Since I am a Top Rated Seller my influence on Fiverr is positive from the wonderful buyers to expressing concerns and advice on the Fiverr Forum.

Again, if you do not complete the order, your project (my efforts) will remain in a pending status. I hope this is not your intention as again, I am sure it’s an oversite. If you have questions or concerns about this order, you can certainly reach out to me or customer service (which I have done already)

Take care and please reach out through this chat if I can help you in any way.




Strange one indeed… never had this happen before, but can understand how frustrating this must be.

Although I can totally see your logic here, I don’t think this is the case, because the buyer has paid via PayPal and the funds would have left their account. Technically, Fiverr is the one who’s ‘winning’ at the moment, as the funds are sitting in their escrow.

This makes me think that this is probably more a lack of understanding about how to use the system than malice. It doesn’t make any sense for the buyer to leave the order in revision… they gain nothing.

If it were me, I’d just re-submit the work, with a polite but firm message along the lines of “Just re-submitting the work as there are no revisions required… etc”. I wouldn’t ask any questions or get into a conversation about revisions, personally.


it happens quite a lot actually, i have had clients who would put it in revision for months and come up almost completely new work after all that time as revision. i usually dont push them a lot if its feasible i just make way with it and deliver so that they approve.


Hi there. I’m also a voice over artist. This happened to me last year and the story was very similar. When I asked the buyer why he was asking a revision, he insisted that he wanted a male voice. I had to explain that he was ordering from an individual and not an voice agency and that I work by myself. He insisted and asked me if I had any male friend that could record the script. I had to explain that’s not the way I run my business and that he should find another freelance. I guess that was someone who didn’t know very well how Fiverr works. Try to clarify everything. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding.


While reading the problem statement, the same thing came to my mind. BUT, I’m not sure if it is something that CS won’t mind.

If i were you i would just resubmit with somewhat of a firm message. If he/she AGAIN wanted a revision its pretty clear that they’re trying to scam you.

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Maybe they’re keeping it in revision so that they can cancel the order later on saying they didn’t get what they wanted even after waiting for a long time, and hence get their money back?

Yes that’s a good idea. If the person doesn’t revise or complete in 3 days it will be auto completed so it’s a good way to double check if indeed it was intentional. I even hate to think that!


I am hoping it is a misunderstanding but you can tell when someone is savvy and smart. Only time and resubmitting will tell.

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CS already stated she got what she wanted as it was a female sample. So that’s at least on my side.

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Yeah thats good. IF the client is trying to scam, she’s banking on the fact that you won’t contact CS and she’ll get her way.

I totally understand people are always trying to scam others on Fiverr, but I don’t see how leaving the order in revision would help here? Surely if they want to claim they didn’t get what they wanted, they could just do that now? And the OP has sufficient evidence to reject the claim if the buyer did this anyway. I’m just not sure how forcing the order into revision would help?

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I didn’t think of that! Well the fact that it’s a sample is good because you can’t change a sample it’s just a sample and the buyer even said thank you for the sample.

I got smart and added a large sample gig with NO REVISIONS. I already had it on a small sample gig.

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I guess, if you get a revision again, then at least you know you’ve got a problem buyer on your hands? It doesn’t solve your situation as such, but it might change the way you approach it.

I have had clients who don’t know that they can approve/complete deliveries hence they just take the content (I know cause i tracked their websites) and just leave it as it is. However people who press the “revision” option usually know what they’re doing…so i dont see why she’d ask for a revision when shes not pointing out any new problems


If it is a scam she picked the wrong person! My dad was an attorney and my mom a paralegal so I know how to investigate and not be taken advantage of! My mom is fierce when she feels she has been wronged lol! She will go the CEOs of companies!


That’s good. Good luck to you!

Does anyone know if you can cancel an order in revision? If the funds are in escrow yes I agree it doesn’t help the buyer. So confusing.

My understanding is that an order at Revision status can be put into Dispute just like a regular order, but I don’t think it’s any easier for a buyer to get a cancellation just because the order is in revision. I could be wrong, but that’s certainly how it’s looked whenever I’ve had a revision on an order.

Yes my thought too. I have only been a buyer once so I don’t recall how it all works on that end. Can anyone supply a screen shot of what a buyer sees after an order has been submitted?