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Stuck in this problem

this is the problem.As i got 27 marks but still not able to publish my gig. Please tell me the solution


Same problem showed to me when i tried to open new gig. you have to wait as they said.

It appears you took the English Skills test and did not pass it. When this happens you cannot create your gig until you pass the test. It seems Fiverr wants you to improve your English skills before you can finish creating your gig.

If I may ask what service were you offering?

but i have passed the test.They show me congratulation bar. I was offering Product sourcing.

I think to offer certain services, Fiverr expects the seller to have a better than merely passing score on their English Skills Test. What was your score?

if you pass successfully fiverr skill test…then you can contact help & support

27/40…Ok tell me one thing, can we create another gig or i have to wait for 72 days.

what do you mean by CS.

CS is customer service; you can email them at However, they are taking 10 days to reply.

You can try making another gig. Especially if it is for a different service.

support …

you mean t say on another topic?

Can you make a gig for another niche? FiverrFin has suggestions on how to do so.