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Stuck in Withdraw

Recently someone complained & fiverr Customer Support temporary disabled my withdrawal functionality. and I tried to solve the issue still no result… Talked to Support team and Support team didn’t want disclose the buyer name or order id to track me, what exactly the issue or How to find the buyer and discuss about that issue. I search over the forum, found same issue happened a lot, but how they solve it didnt mentioned… Suggest me what to do??

CS doesn’t withhold earnings without a reason and they give you the information necessary to resolve things in the message. I can’t entirely guess at what you received from them but I can tell you what is typical.

First, if Fiverr has reason to believe you have used a false identity or committed any fraud, they return the funds to the buyers and you cannot get that money. If they aren’t sure or just need to verify your information, they will tell you. If you don’t understand what CS has said so far, ask them specifically if you will be able to restore withdrawals and ask them how to do it. You can also paste what they sent you here for help understanding but be sure not to put any personal details on the forum.

Most of the time they will tell you there is a waiting period and it’s usually 45 days from your suspension date. You can’t rush it, you just have to wait. At the end of the 45 days you can contact Customer Support again to find out how to proceed.

They often want you to provide certain details about your identity and withdrawal provider. For example, they may ask you to send them a copy of your photo ID, sometimes passport and details showing that your real name matches what is listed on your PayPal or other withdrawal account. If you can and do send the information they ask for they will need time to check it out. Assuming you send what they ask for and everything matches, they will then give you instructions on how to withdraw.

Thanks for your reply… They told me buyer complain about the work… But They didnt told me which buyer, since everymonth I complete almost 40/50 orders and Gets positive feedback from the buyers as well, So Im confused… They told me to discuss with my buyers, and I tried to reach most of them, but got few replies and those are positive, no issue with the work quality… Seems like Im looking for niddle in straw…
Well, yes Customer Support told me to contact after 20 days… I have no problem to wait, but If they could confirm me about which order, or order number… it would be easy for me to find that particular buyer and discuss why he/she isnt satisfied, and we could solve the issue mutually…

So, there isnt any identity or fraud issue…