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Stuck on page 4-5

Hi there, so I have been editing videos on fiverr but when I search “video editing” I am usually on page 4-5. My gig contains lots of keywords and my gig tiles is okay I guess. Is there anything I can do to make it rank higher. My goal is to get on the top page (of course). :slight_smile:

The only way to rank higher in search results or category pages is to deliver great work (on time) that earns strong positive buyer reviews. To achieve this, hard work, perseverence, and self-marketing will be required.

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No, it’s not true. IT would be better to take a closer look at fiverr search results before sending false information.

It only works for the gig ranking, browsing it by gig categories.

When search some keyword, it’s again resulting in some random 2 rate gigs in front of top rated users with more than 4k 5-stars rating gigs.

My suggestion, pray for the best, because one more time fiverr isnt counting the true performance, but some fail algorithm where places a 2 times rated gig (4.5 stars average) in front of top rated 5-stars rated gigs (over 4 thousand ratings).

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I don’t post false information or advice. What I wrote is true and accurate.

This has nothing to do with the OP asking what he can do to “rank higher”.

It’s not true. at this moment it’s not accuarate at all. Like I said, actually the search system isnt working like this. I check it every single day to see how my gig is performing. It changed yesterday if I’m not mistaken.

His GOAL is to get on top of the page, and right now I’m seeing low rated gigs in top of searches (in other words, in top of the page).

He was using SEARCH system, using the keyword “video editing”. What you are saying is only working on categories placement.

You should inform better yourself. What should be isnt the same what it actually is :wink:

and yes, it has to do, since he asked whet he need to do. You should use the whole sentence I where I said to pray, not only the explanation why.

Prayer is a personal thing between a seller and their God/god. It is a matter of religious faith alone. Prayer is not a physical gig maintenance action that a productive seller can pursue in order to raise their gig(s) in search results or gig categories.

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LOL. You should learn to interpret text.

You didn’t understand that it was a metaphor to “just wait for the best, because there is no much that can be done”, right?

But I believe you understood that not even praying will work if fiverr staff dont change it’s criteria, to really take our good performance as base to get a better ranking.

I see a lot of answers you sent here at forum, theoretically you are 100% right, but if you really want to help or inform someone, you should do it practically, because this is how fiverr really works.

Fiverr uses the “shuffle system” this means that your gig will never always be number one or number two. The gigs are shuffled so that each seller has a chance to get his or her gig showcased in the 1,2,3 or 4th page. Sellers here expect that after hundreds or thousands of deliveries they should always be pinned at page one, what happens is that having more sales won’t guarantee that you will remain at page 1 rather it means your gig will be shown in page 1 and 2 more often. You might not notice your gig is in the first page because fiverr also displays different results by demographic position, filters and maybe even the browser you are using…
PS…This isn’t actually what fiverr uses it’s what I think they use

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Why do you keep trying to goad me into an argument? That seems like a fruitless endeavor.

I know how Fiverr works. I share that knowledge with others. That’s how I work.


What you shared was your idea about how it works, not how it’s really working. It’s different.

Read what Phantompower wrote, IT’s a lot more accurate. Fiverr change it’s search result drastically the last few days, what you shared is what it was happening before these changes.

I’m trying to help the user, not confusing him, that’s why I argument with you :slight_smile:

Nothing special, dont worry

Like I said, I have no interest in arguing with you. If you want to believe things work a certain way, that is your opinion, and you are welcome to have an opinion. I do not have to agree with you.

well, I dont want argue with you to.

But what I said wasn’t my opinion. It’s what is really happening, but you dont need to agree with this.

The answer you sent to the OP was related with the gigs category placement, which is different from the search ranking, based in a different algorithm, which you already know fiverr is testing.

Delivering great orders, with great reviews and etc, will only make you get better category ranking placement, but not in keyword searches, or a TRS seller with more than 13k reviews (5 starts) woulnd’t get behind a 86 reviews (5 stars), or side by side with a level 1seller.

I don’t mind people share their opinion, but I correct them if I spot an issue, like you did when saying

If you don’t agree, just see a 8 rates used level 1 in the top of searches.
while the 86 rated gig took 1 year to get all these reviews, the 13k gig took exactly 7 days (you just need to count).