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Stuck with a client


Hello Every body

I need a quick help please.

I have a customer for whom I had completed an order with great review and 5 star ratings.

The same customer ordered me again 3 orders at the same time. One for the script, one for the Youtube video and one for Instagram video.

I delivered the script and he replied “Perfect”. I assumed that he would leave a review and rate me. But he did’t and behaved like he is not aware of using Fiverr rating/review system. I moved ahead in the same state without pushing him for review and rating of the delivered order as I had 2 more orders to complete.

Now last day (when there were 24 hours left for order delivery) I made his video as per the sample he provided and delivered him. He told me that he did not like the video, and requested me to revise with direction to stop working on the video until he talk to me next day.

I replied few hours later and said that I had tried to make the video as per the sample he had provided to me, and added, that “no problem I will revise video to make it the best”. In addition I requested him that as he had requested the revision so he might please also, if possible, extend the new delivery time.

On this request he offended and replied that “you are blaming me”. and said that “I do not want my video, refund my money as soon as possible or I will lodge a complaint against you”

I tried myself to persuade that I did not blamed him for anything, but in vain. Meanwhile during this conversation I delivered his third video also as the delivery time was due.

Now please guide me what should I do? May I cancel the delivered orders now and refund him the money or leave him lodge a complaint to Fiverr and I explain my position to Fiverr?



Hi Imash I’m sorry to hear you are having a negative experience with a client. There could be many reasons for this.

Is the work satisfactory and in line with the deliverables discussed?

If so its possible this client is trying to hard ball you into getting a free piece of work by demanding a cancellation or they make a complaint.

I would suggest at this time to remain nice and calm with you buyer and try to figure out exactly which part of your service or the order they are not happy with. Then you can figure out if its a genuine issue that you can resolve or whether they are just trying to play a game and bully you into giving them a free piece of work.

If you are confident that you have delivered what was discussed and there is no genuine grievance with your service then I believe this could constitute a violation of terms of service on the clients part and I would suggest contacting Fiverr customer service to resolve this.



First of all I am very obliged that you spare time and read my lengthy post :slight_smile:

Sir, I have made many free videos for this client, In the very first order he ordered me to make a video for his youtube channel (1280*720 resolution), I made the video and delivered him. He then requested me to make separate videos for Instagram, twitter and facebook (of different length and different resolutions), I did that without costing any penny just to retain a customer.

I have tried my best to convince with giving all options. He is not ready for anything and saying that " I am a man of principle, once I decided, I decided, I will not talk less than a refund".

In such circumstances what options have I left with me. And even now he messaged me that if I talk on anything else except refund, he would complain of an harassment.


If you ask your self the question is there any basis for this client to be able to complain to support about harassment? If the answer is no then you should talk to support immediately.

If you have have delivered the order as per requirements and the the client is refusing all attempts to resolve the dispute and suggesting they will complain about harassment if you discuss anything other than a refund then this is unacceptable behaviour.

I can only tell so much without actually seeing the exchange between the two of you my self. But this sounds like a very difficult client to me.

I think this client is behaving in a way that may be in breach of Fiverrs TOS and you should discuss this with Fiverr support to resolve.

Explain the full situation to support and then don’t respond to this person until you have heard back from them.

It may be the case that you have to cut your losses with this one. I would not worry though because this does not seem like the kind of client you would want to be working with.

Make sure to report potential bullying behaviour like this to Fiverr support to help make Fiverr a safer place for everyone to work.


Oh, really the same happened to me a several months ago. You can decline his requests to cancel the order 1000 times but what will be next? In my case Custom Support manually marked this order as completed because I sent them link where he use my video on his YouTube channel !!! But in two-tree month later they refund him money… I woke up in the morning and saw that they simply take money from my Fiverr balance…
Hope you will be more successful!!!
Good luck


This is not acceptable behavior on his part. You did your job as promised. You of course did not “blame” him. What is he going to complain about? From what you said you did everything right.

I hope you stood up for yourself and said no to him. I would have notified customer support with screenshots of his threat immediately and told them to not refund him.


@richardgarside , @proslideshow , @misscrystal

I am very thankful to all of you for being with me in this time of trouble.

Finally I have good news, so I thought I should share with you all.

Later tonight, the same client replied me, and said, As now I have cooled down from your blames and accusations, I checked your revised video, and it is perfect and I like it blah blah … and I do not need refund.

And I again had to thank him while following the said truth ( indeed biggest lie) “A CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”.


Good work buddy. You handled that spot on.


Well done , it"s very hard not to loose your cool when dealing with such buyers. But that’s what they want.


Thank God he finally accepted it. Please, make sure you are very careful with him next time .


Had that happen to me. Tracked the video down on both Facebook and Youtube and filed a DMCA takedown notice. Was gone in just a few hours from both.