Stuck with no buyer for 2 months :(


hello all, i just stuck here with no buyer for almost 2 months, anyone can give suggestion what i’m suppose to do :frowning:

check this out my gigs

thanks O:-)


I’m an in your same situation :(. I checked out your work and my guess is that it’s too common. There are probably over 50 of that exact gig on this site. Yours gets lost in the search and most buyers opt for those with a good rating. Around here you have get really creative to come up with something unique.

Hope this helps


You can always try promoting your Fiverr gig on your Facebook page or Twitter. Sometimes you can’t rely on coming up in searches to be successful.


Hi Airtistic! Well, don’t give up! I joined Fiverr yesterday and today I got my first order (+ delivered it already too)! :slight_smile:

What I did was making a Gig actually worth more then 5$ (creating a website), this automatically attracts quite a lot of people. Besides that I created 1 unrelated Gig to the first one and also another one that is related (creation of banners). Maybe that’s something you could try!

I see you do Photoshop retouches, not bad, but maybe you should make the Gig a little bigger. Be creative.


Hello @airtistic

I took a look at your sales page. First, I have to say what you do is very good. You are very talented.

This may be or seem a bit daunting to do, if you have used a program like camtasia to screen record a piece of work. Then seek out someone on fiverr to make that screen recording into a speed-art for you. Add some cool music behind it, with a few text titles along the way of the work you will do.

Videos are a great attention grabber and people find ‘speed art’ entertaining as they get to see from the beginning to the end the full process.

I know, it seems like a big task, but it could mean more sales, if you put more effort into your sales page.

ALSO - Optimize your page a bit more.

Looking for a professional in PHOTOSHOP to retouch and edit your images?

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