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Stuck with Old buyer request, tried removing them many time

I stuck with old buyer request, tried removing them many times today but not working. Also today not a single new buyer is showing. Stuck with buyer request which are posted yesterday and before that. Any one please help


Same problem. When I removed them it keeps coming back and there’s no new buyers request appearing for the whole day. Usually i see like 5 to 10 new request a day but yesterday I didn’t get any.

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Can you tell me how to remove sent offers from my list? @zelsantos

unfortunately we cannot remove sent offers to the buyers

Oops! thanks for your reply @zelsantos

hows your buyers request section? Is it still the same?

Is that question for me? @zelsantos

no, for the person that posted here.

youre welcome btw about earlier

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Same problem here…

Exactly also here facing the same problem :upside_down_face:

you can not remove sent offers… only the buyer request you did not bid on. After reaching level one. you have to manually remove all the buyer request manually

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Mine Still not working, your okay now?

@ahm4design still not working. Please contact support too , let’s massive report this problem so they can fix it asap.

I am trying to find how to contact with fiver. any link?

@zelsantos yes reported to fiver as well. Finally i know how to contact them :smiley:

seems they fixed the bug - at least I’m getting new buyer requests now. Still need to check if my deleted ones re-appear again…

Yes fixed finally, removing previous one first