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Stucked in my account


Hey everyone, hope you’re having a good time.
I got a 3 star rating for my first order. I’m not going to justify myself.Buyer could revise if there was anything wrong and even he didn’t respond to my messages.I was told to close this account and start a new one to start selling again as no one’s gonna give me orders with such a rating. But I am thinking one of my gigs is good enough and it is very cheap for someone who is in need of such one.I just need some advices from experienced sellers here. Thank you in advance.


I would love to see what you delivered to the client who gave the 3 star review to see if it was justified. Can you turn on your portfolio so everyone can see the deliveries?

Sometimes the buyer is wrong when they give the 3 star review.


How can I turn it on?


t had been turned on when I checked it but it is not showing images.


The review itself doesn´t sound too bad, but it´s your only review and that´s a problem, especially if you want to send offers to Buyer Requests, as you won´t be able to with this rating, your last delivery shows as 15 days ago too, that won´t help either.

If you mean the gig with the lion logo, by the way, just from a cursory glance at your page, I knew immediately I´ve seen it several times already, you should put up completely original, completely done by you, gig images of logos that aren´t all over the Fiverr logo category and the internet already.
Even if the gig isn´t about designing but vectorizing, I´m pretty sure many buyers won´t buy it because they´ll think you don´t have the rights to use that logo in your gig image.
If you have the rights to use it, that´s fine, of course, but still, many buyers will just click to the next seller.

To be honest, I agree with whoever told you to start over.


Don’t tell me it’s that same tired lion?

If it’s the one I’m thinking of, OP is lucky he didn’t get a one star review.


Hate it when I get “stucked” in my account too smh


:rofl: Yeh that ruins my day.