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Student + Fiverr : How do you manage time?

I’m final year student of Electrical Engineering and started working here nearly 22 days ago. I made 5 sales until now.

But I’m feeling that my studies has been slow down. I’m checking updates regularly on laptop(no smartphone) and passing my most time here. I don’t know it’s due to the excitement which we feel in start or it happens regularly…

Although I want to earn here to bear my living and educational expenses but my primary task is to get education.

How you people manage it?

It is a challenge. Fiverr is a part of my freelance income and at first I neglected my other streams of income. At some point I found a good balance. You may want to put yourself on a schedule and not rely on it to naturally balance. Watch your fiverr messages, but spend less time browsing and less time on the forum. It does take more time at first, but don’t neglect the things that are less fun like school.

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This is what I’m worried about, university starts again in 2 weeks. I think to combat this I will just set my delivery time for a bit longer

Reply to @idesigngraphic: Yep, my mid exams are too starting from next week…
We should make schedule for studies and fiverr work…

How much orders do you get in a day or two Idesign?

i’m a final year student in computer engineering too, i started a year ago, i can say that the small amount of orders i get every week had been benific to mee, as i don’t have to work to much but i earn some decent income every month. now that i am a second level i work less and earn more. i’m planning to boost my freelance work after i finish my studies

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When I studied for my bachelor degree in EU I worked 8 hours a day as a remote developer for a small company to pay for my studies, feed myself (and collect money too). I’ve never had any problem with that and I’m proud to have only high grades in my diploma.
When you have such condition and nowhere to get the money from - you just have to learn to manage time the best way possible. Forget tv and all other kinds of entertainment and concentrate on things that are important.

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You need to be realistic about what workload you can manage. I have worked on Fiverr throughout full-time, part-time, and full-time freelance working and had to adjust my workload each time.

I say to myself that I will spend 6 hours each day doing freelance work. No more, no less. If I can get everything done in those 6 hours and be on time with everything, I know I’m managing my workload well. If I need more time, I extend my deadlines and let people know how long it will take to deliver.

I don’t adjust my time for working because as important as freelance and building a business is, you need time for yourself too. There’s a delicate balance between work, study, and leisure, but you need to get all three in harmony with each other to be happy in all three.

Anyone can manage Fiverr, even if you have a full-time job. It’s all about knowing how long it takes you to do something and when do you have to deliver it. If you know something is due in 24-hours, that’s the time to do it. If you see your queue being too long, then you might have to do 5 or 10 jobs (or 20 jobs if you’re lucky) even if that stuff is due in two days.

I’m not a morning person, but I know that there are writers who wake up one or two hours earlier just so they can write their own books or work on their own stuff. For them that’s easier than coming home from work and having to work on their stuff instead of watching TV, exercising, or relaxing. I also have a friend who had a full-time job with the flexibility to work his own hours. So to avoid traffic and a busy office, his hours where 7:30 to 4:30. At his startup, people start showing up at 9am and 10am, so he had at least 1.5 hours to work without being bothered by the noise of people talking, loud music, etc. He was also able to leave work early enough to attend events, go to the gym, etc.

As for me, when I worked full-time, I generally did everything I had from 7pm to 11pm, depending on the workload. I rarely work more than 5-hours in one day.

It’s all about time management and personal mindset conditioning. What you put in you will get out. I think also, you have to set certain parameters within your gigs to allow yourself time to realistically live life; ie. Delivery dead lines.

I’m a busy manager offline, recently finished a part time diploma and have just got started in Fiverr, and seem to have built up some very good feedback from my gig deliveries. I’m fortunate to get time off during the week, so I can catch up with orders, etc. I specifically allocate time during my time off for this.

I have been lucky to get in touch with someone on Fiverr who has offered me advice about gig delivery times and that was one thing I reviewed to give myself some breathing space, yet still deliver in a reasonable time period.

I would say, advertise this clearly on your gig so that people do not expect something different. I know that Fiverr has the in-built clock that counts down but I do feel it is a common courtesy to communicate with your buyer to ensure they have a route ETA on their delivery, it’s customer service after all.

It is achievable but I do think you need to change your mindset and allocate time efficiently.

Reply to @landongrace: Yes, I’m really thinking like the same. Want to make a schedule so that can do my assignments and university work on time .

Reply to @imadou: I’m exactly want the same… I want projects but not more than 4-6 in a week…
Also as I’m still new here so I’ve to send many requests to buyers for getting an order…
I want to get my level 1 as soon as possible so that I can get orders without applying through BUYER REQUESTS feature. That wastes too much time.

Reply to @ruslancer: Even you got good grades? That’s great to hear ruslancer…
But actually the thing is due to new start up… I mostly think about orders and my tasks that have been ordered in my classes. So it mixes both…

As you said, I should be in touch with one at a time… Means dividing a time for both…

Reply to @muhammadpunhal: First thing checking fiverr all the time and trying to find work, adjust gigs is not gonna help anyways.
Just do what people suggest on the forum once and let buyers come.
Don’t forget that fiverr cannot be considered as main income, so you have to finish your education to find a proper and more stable job in future. Fiverr is not gonna go anywhere.

Reply to @muhammadpunhal: i started working on the summer holidays last year, so i had time to explore fiverr and learn some tips, and then when the studies started i focused only on the orders. you have to concentrate on your studies and in the same time explore fiverr and improve your skills and when the holidays comes you will be ready to give it a boost

Reply to @imadou: and also you have to set a long delivery time

Reply to @imadou: Very right… I’m almost to reach level 1… Also started getting orders without sending requests…

but don’t you think setting a long delivery will effect getting orders?

Reply to @lunabea: Yep there should be a balance!

Thank you for your valuable suggestions!

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thanks fast writer… Motivating and encouraging…
After reading this… I think I can manage things… :slight_smile:

Reply to @muhammadpunhal: when you will get more orders you will see that you have to do that not just for your studies, but you won’t have enough time to respond to all orders and also some buyers are not enough responsive. for me it didn’t affect my orders

Reply to @imadou: You are right in that… I’ve limited time for fiverr…
For that I would need to increase time…
What about exams? Is it good to go on vacations using feature provided?