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Student projects? No thank you!


I first appeared on Fiverr back in 2017, as a buyer. I bought a lot of services for my offline company. A few months ago I decided to start selling my services on Fiverr as some sort of market diversification. I wanted to see where it will go. I must say that as a new seller I am quite satisfied because I only invest a few hours a day, and not every day, on working here. In the beginning, when I had prices of 5$, 10$ and 15$ I had a lot of students just fishing for a lot of (free) work. Two of them even managed to scam me and got the work and refund. Most of them are really rude and don’t have any manners. Then I started to raise my prices. As I was raising my prices I was getting fewer and fewer messages from students. I thought that I managed to get rid of these buyers. But no. Yesterday I got another student. After the ordered was placed he asked for the URGENT 200$ job to be done for 40$. You know students… always waiting for the last minute… I canceled the order but I am so mad right now because I am already affected by this algorithm change. There are a lot of decent and great buyers out here, but students are not one of them. What about you? Do you have a problem with this type of buyers?


Just depends on how you look at it, I guess.
Also, how they approach you is very important.

If they already ordered, then they get what they ordered.
I certainly wouldn’t start a cancellation on my end.

I just did a job today for someone who, long ago, was doing a student project and strapped for cash, so I gave them a break. (If it’s work vs. no work, I’ll take the work)
Today they come back at full price because they remember how I helped them out earlier.

Sometimes, You have to give to get.
Sometimes you’re just to busy to help.
But if you have the time (ie Do a Fiverr gig for a reduced rate vs watch American Idol on TV), take the gig.


If you depend on Fiverr as an only source of income than yes I suppose you have to take whatever comes along. And to me, that is just sad.There are buyers here that will exploit just that fact. That is not my case. To me Fiverr is just side money and I don’t have time or will to give out work for free. It has to pass great amount of time before you are able to actually make profit here (time/price ratio) and you have to eat/live meanwhile. And yes, I would rather watch some show on TV to relax, than work a lot for nothing. :slight_smile:


I guess I’m not comprehending why you are complaining to your peers then.
You made the choice to operate that way, on a platform that in reality doesn’t operate that way at all.
You live with the consequences.

It’s like opening a brick & mortar and someone asks you for a discount, so you kick them out.
I used to work for a company like that. They’re not around anymore, thank God.

“I’m too good for these petty clients” doesn’t really work here.
Go all-in or go home.


I never said I am too good for any buyer. But it is my right to choose not to work for 3 days for 4$. If everyone would start to respect more their time and talent, everyone would be working at decent rates. And don’t go all-in. This is site than can disappear in the next five years or tomorrow. Never put all eggs in the same basket. Bottom line, I will never accept any student work again. I like working with entrepreneurs and I will stick with them :slight_smile:


I’m not saying to put all your eggs in the same basket.
But I’m saying that perhaps you are attracting these problems.
I don’t have these problems.

It’s your rating. If you’re content with lvl 0, I’m happy for you.:smiley:


I don’t care about levels at all :smiley: . I see a lot of people that are level 0 and have 100 or more reviews. They still have orders. Cancellations are normal parts of work here since buyers can place an order without contacting you first. If you already have a few active orders and don’t have time what can you do? I won’t certainly steel from my sleep to deliver work.


Well, I would actually disagree with that.
This platform is made for us to choose how to work. That’s why we called freelancers. Of course fiverr puts their own rules but it’s all up to the seller to work with whom they would like to work and for buyers to buy from sellers that they like.

Sellers are also not obliged to jump on every single order with someone who’s trying to fish for discounts etc. I never provide discounts or negotiating. I value my time and my clients, if they are not ready to pay for my time then why should I care about their project? There are many other sellers as yourself I guess who will be happy to provide them discounts.
(Of course I’m not talking about times when I’m working which a client and I really like them during the process I can give them some things for free. But if someone trying to bargain a discount even before we worked together that’s a big no no for me)

And this approach actually brought only good results for me. The time I’m not spending on orders with huge discounts I’m investing rather in my skill or developing my business or new products.

So just to sum up: no it’s not bad to refuse to work with clients that are trying to get your work cheaper and yes, that’s how fiverr is set up: if you don’t want you can cancel the order, black buyer etc and that wouldn’t be TOS violation


I think that the sweet spot is in the middle , if you see that someone is really honest with you and not try to scam if he asks for a discount , if is reasonable , don’t ask for 40USD for a 200USD job that’s just gunpoint robbery , then maybe you should take it into consideration . On the other end working with high paying clients is a good way of excluding a lot of trouble , but sometimes you can get scammed by them too , as happened to us with a 200USD job , but you know things happens in life and you have to move on and pursue your route , so it’s your choice. Yes maybe you get less trouble but you get less work too , it’s up to you , we accept basically everything reasonable , we always ask to contact us before buying so we can speak , sometimes you get trouble but doing like so you can simply say no .


Not sure if this is relevant but if students are requesting work to submit as their own this is a violation of the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.