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Student Sellers?

I don’t literally mean sellers who sell students- I’m addressing this to sellers who /are/ students! See, I’m also working pretty hard in both education and on Fiverr, and I worry a lot that I’m not balancing both sides enough. Can someone give me any advice in terms of scheduling or planning?

  • Make sure you have a reasonable deadline for your gigs. Don’t just put 1 day just to attract buyers.
  • Don’t add too many gigs, focus on the things that you have most time for (those which don’t require too much time to deliver).
  • Always do your educational tasks first, afterwards you can consider Fiverr as a break from your other work.

    That’s how I do it :slight_smile:
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Reply to @the_installer: That’s good- thanks :smiley: I need to balance time for my exams.

I’m a student. I set deadlines that I know I can reach. The only times I have super short deadlines is when it will only take me a minute or two to deliver the gig. Otherwise I make sure that I have quite a few days to deliver, and unless they order early in the week, that means I’ll be able to deliver on the weekend instead of during the school week.

Actually one of my classes is extremely boring and the teacher doesn’t teach, so I use some of that time to work on one of my gigs if I have any orders. It’s a drawing gig, so I just need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil. Then I just scan it in and deliver when I get home from school.

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Reply to @alexgreene: That also makes a lot of sense! Hahahah- I have a teacher like that :'D I have a small pile of drawings from her lessons.

Reply to @boslass: I can relate. Half of my notes from that class are weird doodles and sketches of app/business ideas.

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Reply to @alexgreene: Cool! I have no idea how to make/design apps, so I bet that’s a pretty impressive talent :smiley: Are you successful in your workings?

Reply to @boslass: I guess you could say so, but I’m not super rich because of it. Yet :slight_smile:

Reply to @alexgreene: :'D True dat.

For me, last semester was a breeze, so it wasn’t a problem for me. This semester will be more pressure because of the class I’m taking is demanding, but I’m going to keep my best selling gigs at 1 day delivery times. Hoping I’ll be able to keep up, if not I’ll have to increase the time. You have to work at your own pace, and adjust the delivery time as things go. :slight_smile:


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Education will help you lifetime so always give priority to your study. You can check fiverr 2 times a day to see if you get any order and accordingly devote time to complete those gig. A real job is always better than a virtual one.

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Reply to @whozme: That’s a really good point o_o Thank you!

Reply to @musiclover: Adjusting delivery times! I’ll have to be careful not to extend them too much though :’)

I will be going back to college this month. So I will suspend all my gigs until late September when I’ll have a short vacation.

I heard from my colleagues that this coming semester is no joke–we will deal with advanced calculus and some other “hard” stuff, at least according to them.

Reply to @gudwriter: Calculus! Jeez. That’s a long time to suspend your gig for! :smiley:

I am a student too…and has my exams coming…I too can’t balance…but now i have increase the deadline, stopped creating new gig and also i don’t message the requests in request gig section :smiley:

And going to suspend gigs till May !!

Reply to @gudwriter: No break until September? That’s an unusual college.

Reply to @gudwriter: wow that’s a long break. I couldn’t go a day suspended. Last semester was so easy I would work on orders while the instructor lectured. Lol. I’m too scared to suspend my gigs, especially my best selling ones; I don’t want to miss out on any money. I’m going to Vegas next month and most likely I’ll be taking my laptop with me to complete orders during idle times. :slight_smile:

Reply to @musiclover and @alexgreene Actually, I have a break (around April or May there) but it’s a month long at most. Maybe, I will suspend all others and leave the best selling gig–I have just remembered I need some cash for weekend partying :smiley:

BTW @Boslas, it seems you are good at calculus, I will be seeking your help when I am stuck he he :slight_smile: