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Students asking for essays - rant alert

I’m a writer on Fiver and almost every day, I get messages from students who want me to write their academic assignments for them. It’s always the same kind of message - a short, typo-filled ‘hi I need you to write…’.

Maybe I’m too sensitive but… Does anybody else get offended by this? For a little context - I’m a postgrad student who really values integrity. I work my butt off for all my own essays for uni and it really makes me mad that some people are just able to buy their way through a degree and even ask me to help them cheat.

I know that Fiver prohibits this in their TOS - so how come I still get so many messages about this?


You still get those messages because people don’t read the ToS (and because they are the kind of people who have no integrity). Just check this forum at any given time of the day. Hundreds of sellers posting random, nonsensical complaints that could be solved by simply reading what they signed up to.

Although I do not offer writing, I sometimes receive messages asking me to help students with their homework as well. I think it is because I highlight my educational achievements in my profile. I have done so to offer extra proof for my English skills as I obtained my degree at an English-speaking university. I spent hours upon hours studying every day, reading each of my textbooks twice for better understanding while running my Fiverr account and a few other ventures. So, yes, I too am very offended that people want to cheat their way through their education.

Also, I think we would have a better society if people actually read what they were supposed to in school, took notes, did their own work, and applied themselves.


Obviously there are a lot of lazy students that want someone else to do the work for them.

Be happy that they don’t place an order directly and mess up your stats in the process due to cancellations. I had to deal with that and it’s not pretty…


People will ask for all sorts of things that are forbidden, especially on Fiverr, where it used to be allowed to buy and sell many shady/unethical services.

I don’t get offended, just annoyed in the “go away and do your own homework” way.


cheating is not good. even if you didn’t study the rules, it’s obvious there’s something wrong when somebody makes such a request. So as soon as you feel there’s something wrong (you know? spider sense :blush:), just refuse and don’t talk anymore with that person.


I find it offensive, too. But I find it satisfying that a lot of these cheaters will get caught and then will be penalized.

Most universities have very strict policies against this and professors are good at spotting it. So I just.remind myself that.

But yeah it sure is depressing.


I get many of these requests too, especially when it is close to the end of a semester. When it seems like a request for proofreading is for an “essay” or other academic work I ask, “Is this for academic work?” If it is I send this Quick Response that I have all prepared for the situation. :arrow_down:


Fiverr does not allow services to be offered that involve helping students with academic work.

ToS States:

Taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) or requesting academic work to be done for you is unethical since it violates most schools’ Honor Codes and constitutes copyright infringement. Fiverr does not allow this type of fraudulent activity, and it will not be permitted on our platform.


Hi if you are receiving a lot of this random messages, the reason can be your prices. If you increase a little of your prices, you will start to receive more serious clients that respect the rules in the platform. This is what i think :wink:


Exactly. Cheaters are also cheap.


If there is one thing I have learned through offering proofreading services it is that writing is like DNA - it is identifiable. Nearly all the documents I have reviewed have very unique styles / phrasing / word patterns, etc.

These fraudsters who buy academic writing services (even though it’s not allowed) are probably too thick to realise that a text written by someone else is likely to be very different to their own writing, or indeed to any previous writer they’ve hired. It will therefore stick out like a sore thumb to any educated reader / lecturer / professor.

Rather than be overly sensitive to messages from these fraudsters, I say rejoice in the knowledge that sooner or later these people are likely to get found out by their academic institution.


It’s not right and the students requesting a re-writing are cheating themselves as well as the system. The suggestion in the feed reminding candidates of TOS seems like a reasonable response.


Take the job and put a sentence in the middle explaining that you are a freelancer paid to write this for the incompetent, scummy, “stabby jesus” (another thread), excuse for a student who fraudulently put their name on this assignment.

You get paid twice :smiling_imp:

No, don’t as it is against TOS but it would be amusing to know they got what they deserved.



Yes, when I taught, we called it the trait of the author’s “voice.”

Once I had a father write a short essay for one of my 3rd graders. I asked him if his son had genuinely written the essay because the verbiage seemed to be above that of a 3rd grader. The man insisted his son had written the essay.—Ya, right! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My reply to him was, “I thought your boy must have written it because there sure were a lot of spelling errors.”

You should have seen his face. His eyes got big, and he was so taken aback that he actually pulled his head back as if startled! :flushed:

:wink: :rofl: :joy: :nerd_face: :sunglasses:


Oh wow awkward Haha! (For him)

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