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Students cheating on coursework

At the risk of sounding like the old biddy I am, outsourcing your coursework to Fiverr sounds like cheating to me. I wonder how many orders I’d lose if I put that on my profile.

I understand the part about thinking it’s cheating. I agree that it’s cheating. I used to do a gig where I helped do research for papers or helped fact check them, but not do them for people. I suppose it’s a personal choice since it’s not illegal.

I don’t follow the part you wrote about wondering how many orders you’d lose if you put that on your profile. What do you mean?

I meant, I suppose, that I wonder if making my disapproval/preference not to do that work obvious on my profile would impact on how I’m perceived as a seller, even by people unaffected by that opinion. Is it easier/better/simpler to do as I do now and politely refuse such requests when they come up?

Oh, I see. I think it depends on how you do it. I think people are generally pretty respectful of preferences if it’s worded well. If they read “judgement” perhaps not, but it doesn’t have to sound judgmental.

My suggestion would be to add a line to your gig descriptions instead of profile (or in addition to) and just say something that sounds pretty neutral about what you don’t do or don’t prefer. If you write “No cheaters!!!” that might turn some people off and some wouldn’t know what you meant.

I could do all the IT related assignments I see posted on here but I won’t for one good reason, I don’t want talentless hacks taking honest, hardworking individuals places in our workforce! I worked hard to get my degrees and I’m not about to help someone cheat to get theirs! Sure I’m probably missing out on quite a bit of $ but it’s the principle of the thing! :slight_smile:


I have to agree with you. I also refuse to write adult content not because I’m a prude or judging anyone it just feels weird to me to put personal things down in words for a stranger. If I’m losing gigs because I specified “I don’t write for adult sites” then good ridden.

To respond to the OP. I used to have a problem writing papers for students, but sometimes I put myself in their shoes and remember what it was like before I graduated from College.

When I was attending school, I had a full-time job to pay for bills. Some nights I was too tired from running around on my feet all night that I couldn’t formulate a sentence much less work on research papers and here’s the kicker - I enjoy doing research papers as much as I like my Iced coffee I’m currently sipping on.

Sometimes, students, have too much going on and need that one time (hopefully they won’t repeatedly do it) get out of jail free card where they can just hire someone to do it for them, so they can get mentally caught up, you know?

I always feel weird writing a paper for a student, but sometimes everybody needs a break. Now, this could totally not be the case, and it’s a case of “I just don’t feel like doing it.” that’s where I get annoyed but how would I know what the motives or intentions behind it were. I just write and keep it to myself like a working bee.

  • Baddison :slight_smile:

It’s such an issue in some universities particularly from Asian students that some lecturers are having their assistants scan here and other freelance sites to catch the students out. The students are not only asking for help with research, but to write entire essays and some even complete the exam for the student.

I used to get a constant stream of requests from students asking me to do their coursework. I have always refused as I don’t ever want to take my kids to see a doctor who got his medical qualifications because of my work :smiley:
Proofreading is as much as I will do for students. It’s probably more of a favor to the professors anyway!

That´s a sad phenomena.

I wouldn’t do coursework for anyone. The idea is sickening.

They’re not only cheating themselves but their schools as well, these ppl DON’T DESERVE THEIR DEGREES, they didn’t do the work! It’s as simple as that, imagine you needed life or death surgery and the dr operating couldn’t remember what to do because they CHEATED on one of their exams? :frowning:

I’m guessing pulling all-nighters and staying up all the way till have to be to school the following morning is falling out of favor with some folks. I remember staying up till 4 in the morning working on assignments then getting 2hours of sleep so I could at least have some energy when reporting to class that morning.

I recently added a line like this to one of my gigs. I haven’t had any orders since, so perhaps it is a turn-off … but that could also be chance, since it had only occasional orders to begin with. I hadn’t really thought of that line as off-putting until I saw this thread, but I guess it might be ruining the ambiance.

Doing people’s homework for them doesn’t sound like much of a business model. They all have only $5 to spend on each assignment. Either I’d have to complete dozens in one day by doing the world’s worst job, or I’d do a decent job with a couple but would not earn enough to live on. Where’s the incentive? Am I practicing to be a rich kid’s shadow student?

This is funny, as I had a go at someone who was selling this stuff and had a very defensive set of replies from OP and allies. It is devaluing education, and who would want to work with a professional who hadn’t done his due studying?

As for “I spent all semester partying and/or working in a FT job and was too exhausted to do the work so got help”, yeah. I had both situations, and my solutions are simple:

Party: you’re an idiot. Do what I did, and get all your graded work out of the way early. Relax for the rest of the semester and spend it tweaking your work. This may not work in all disciplines, but it is sound advice anyway.

Work: either cut down on the work or again, early in the semester, let your course teachers know about your situation. They will be sympathetic and try to help you. The key here is communication.

If you cheat, and you get caught, well, bye. Enjoy your debt. Rich foreign students are another kettle of fish and generally destined for a life of wealthy workplace mediocrity based on a glamorous and prestigious degree. How wonderful for their country. I certainly had the misfortune to work with a few in group studies and they basically did nothing, were insular and took our credit. Do you see a pattern forming here? And it wasn’t because of their language skills.

In short: you’re not helping anyone except yourself to line your own pockets with fraudulent money.

As an aside, although its been over a decade since I left academia, my main anxiety nightmare is still related to exams. I always seem to remember that it’s weird that I’m in that situation as I can’t remember signing up for a course, but my primal brain’s fear drowns it all out. This article is a pretty accurate rep!

Then I wake up and sigh with relief. I never even had issues with this stuff IRL so it’s just bizarre. So, there you go. Don’t be a lazy or stupid student. Mind you, the way that tertiary education is being commercialized these days <grumble grumble grumble>…

Agree 100%, it peeves me off to no end to think I put in the many hrs of hard work and study to get my degrees and you have clowns that are too lazy to do their own work so they pay $5 for a passing grade, I’m seriously inclined to do one of these papers for them and deliberately balls it up, I mean what are they going to say? “He didn’t help me cheat correctly, I want a refund!” My reply would be, lesson learned, now do some ACTUAL STUDYING!
That been said I wouldn’t do it out of principle and I’m really not that nasty but I think it would be a great story to post in the forum and a good lesson for all the cheats out there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry mate, they’re be the same people who airlift their goldplated lambos into London from Saudi Arabia just to garner £100 parking fines as they dine is a restaurant.

Those people think of us as an act of charity.

I get irritated when I see offers for this too and I’m not an old biddy lol You’re not just in school to get a diploma/degree. You’re there to learn and while some work may not necessarily show how much you’ve learned, doing it speaks to your ability to manage your time and your priorities. It also reflects on your honesty.

If your lifestyle makes it impossible for you to complete your work, something has to give. Change your lifestyle, change your classes, or drop out completely and go back when you’re in a better position to see it through.