Students of Fiverr--Managing your time?


It’s that time of the year again, when students like me pack up their bags and head on back to school. Having started Fiverr during the summer, a newbie like me has to wonder how all the other students here have been managing their time. How do you balance Fiverr work and homework, and how do you communicate your situation to buyers? Have any of you made use of Fiverr functions like vacation mode, pausing your gig, and extending delivery times? How has that worked out for you?

Personally I’ve been learning to ignore that persistent little voice in my head telling me that I definitely have time for just one more job. As much as I love writing, editing, and translating, I need sleep as well.

Edit: Forgot to mention delivery time extensions.


I suppose that just like everything else in life, you have to prioritize. If possible, perhaps adjusting your delivery times can help you with the school/work/life balance without adding to your stress. I know I need my sleep to be able to work properly, as no one wants a voice that sounds like it’s gargled marbles or a foggy brain translating.

I’ve read conflicting information on pausing gigs or putting them on vacation. In my experience, I experienced pretty hard drops in gig activity from new buyers once I was back on after pausing or vacationing (yes, I know that isn’t a word) a gig. My regular buyers are the ones who have saved the post-pause/vacation cycles until things get rolling again with the Sacred Fiverr Algorithm Gods.

Saludos from Cancun and I wish you success!



Thanks for the response! I’d forgotten the option of adjusting delivery times, that’s another good one to keep in mind.

I’ve actually put my gigs on vacation mode for the past week due to being overbooked and am prepared to deal with whatever drops come with that (since I’ve been busy anyways with school stuff). But I feel like many returning buyers get confused by the terminology and assume that I’m sipping drinks on an island or something. They seem to assume I’m chilling instead of overbooked, which can be a little irritating.


Yes, the “enjoy your vacation” messages may come from a good place, but it’s usually me hunched over the computer editing a monster job.


Limit your orders to 1 per day, per gig.

Then look at your delivery times and see if you can deliver in 24-hours or not.

In your gig description, tell buyers to order right away because you don’t have time to read and reply messages because you’re a busy school student.

Consider raising your prices. If you want to get one order per month, charging $50 should do it.

The F in Fiverr is for flexible. You don’t have to quit Fiverr and lose all your reviews, just make it work for you while you’re busy.


That’s a great quote. That’s the level of Fiverring that I aspire to.

I actually haven’t been getting many orders from new clients, a lot of it is just recurring work. Not that I’m complaining at the moment; orientation is much busier than anticipated!

I think the problem with raising prices to that level is that I’m still pretty early in my Fiverr career and would just end up losing my recurring clients :confused:


If recurring clients like your work, they’ll pay work, provided you’re not going from $5 to $50 but $5 to $10 or $5 to $20.

Even so, Fiverr isn’t your full-time job, so you can concentrate on making more money per order than on getting lots of orders. I also think that if you graduate high school, college, go to a trade school, work a few years in the real world, you’ll be better at Fiverr, you might even have some unique gigs others can’t do.


Not sure if this is allowed (or just frowned upon for bringing up old posts), but thought I might give an update to the status of my Fiverring since my long break from the forum. (Also: hi, I guess I’m back again :slight_smile: )

I’ve been on vacation mode for a few months to focus on school work. I did quite a few translation orders with a single client, but other than that, nothing. I was actually really worried that the over-abundance of reviews from the same person might hurt me, especially since I planned to work over the winter break.

Turns out it’s been okay. St. Level’s day came and went, and nothing really changed. I got three orders within the past two days, and everything’s somehow been fine. I’m making enough money from part-time jobs in addition to Fiverr that I’m in a good spot right now. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough.

For all the students out there: I guess the conclusion I’ve gotten from this post is that all the aforementioned tactics (pausing gigs, extending delivery time, etc.) can work. They set me back, but not to any ridiculous degree. I’m not really attentive to rankings or anything. I’m just glad I could make Fiverr work for me.

I’d still be interested in hearing if any fellow students have anything to add about this, though :slight_smile: