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Studies VS Fiverr


I joined fiverr more than a month ago. Now I’m at Level 1 :). My exams are near :confused: and I’m puzzled between the studies and gigs :frowning:


Use phone to check orders :slight_smile:


Same here! Try to put your studies before Fiverr as hard as it is to do. Either that or drop a class. Or be more efficient in delivering your gigs. Sometimes, it feels like this:

  • Fiverr
  • Studies
  • Sleep

    Pick two.

    Good luck though! :slight_smile:


School. Higher grades are better for getting a job. Fiverr will always be here, chances for University/Jobs aren’t.

Unless you get paid at least 100k a year (doubtful) off Fiverr you may pick it over but with studying you can get a good education to lift you to high salaries and a job you want. That’s my opinion, tho.


Well put a vacation notice in your profile and all your gig descriptions in capital…so that people will avoid ordering from you until you come back…(I guess)


Thanks all of you. Every one has its own opinion. All of you are right one way or the other. Well I’m thinking of increasing the estimated time period. Will it effect my LEVEL or popularity on fiverr ?



You can keep your buyer informed about the deliveries. Just increase the estimate time and maybe spend like 1 hour a day for it and the rest has to be wait until your exam is over.


OK Thanks :slight_smile: