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Studio Leads and Members Matching

This category is to be a place for Studio Leads and members to match up together. It is not a place to communicate after you’ve decided to work together.

Leads - Use this opportunity to post about services you’d like to add to your Studio Gigs and engage with sellers who offer those services. “I’m looking to add logo design, seo and full website dev to my studio gig, any members wanna join me?”

Members - Find leads looking to add your services to their Studio Gigs


How I can be a Lead?
I can do script, voice and 2D video
Thank you


hello, I’m up for Web developer, can we?

can we contact leads for adding us in their team ?

Hi there ! We’d love to be your member if you create lead.

Hi. @pariwash1 No, you can not reach out to Studio Leads on the platform. That would be considered spam. Please post here in this forum your qualifications and if a Studio Lead thinks you’re a good match, they’ll reach out to you. You can also answer posts that Studio Leads post in the forum.


Hy mjensen415

Can you recommend me in the studio team?


Hello, i am a Level 2 audio mix + mastering engineer. I am very flexible with the styles that i work with, but i most often get asked to mix hip hop.

I’m not really sure if i want to be a lead or just a member but i’m looking to link up with musicians, beatmakers, vocalists, rappers, etc in the hopes of making a killer production team.

I have some examples of my work on my Fiverr page and around 200 five star reviews. If you have any questions or would like a more thorough portfolio then please don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile:

Can’t members see the amount of TIP given by seller|?


I am a level 2 seller with more than 160 5 star orders.

I can offer 400+ words guest posts with 1 do-follow permalink to boost SEO in newspapers, sites and blogs in:

  • Spain
  • México
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • Italy
  • France
  • and from other European, African and Latinamerican countries

Also, I can do press release distribution in Spain, France (Belgium) and Germany (Austria and Switzerland).

Last but not least important, I can create an advertising campaign in radio and TV in Spain.

Let’s work together!

Hello, my name is Dee, I’m available for:
Creativity & Advertising;
3d design;

Hey, @mjensen415 I’m up for Logo Design service.


I’m a Level 2 book cover designer with more than 2k reviews and 1k+ of them being on my book cover gig. I’m looking to open a studio. I’m looking to add fantasy book cover designers, book layout/format and book illustrators to my studio.

Hello! I’m a Top-Rated Seller in the Voiceover category, and I’m interested in joining great studios who are producing high-quality videos and corporate training.

Hi Guys,
I am can develop websites in Wordpres, Shopify and Squarespace. I can also do Graphics, Branding and other stuff related to that. If you any Studio Lead is interested then let me know.


I’m a level 2 Narrator (or, if you prefer, voiceover artist) with four years experience and nearly 2,000 five-star reviews. I’m absolutely interested in joining a studio if anyone is interested in having me :slight_smile:

how can become leads or join the studio ?

Hello, I am an excellent, creative writer. I have a professional degree in Industrial Psychology, but writing is my first love. I have been a member on Fiverr since 2017 and reached Level 2 status quickly.

My buyers all leave 5-star reviews! I can write on pretty much anything. (it’s all in the research, you know.)

I would love to work as part of a Studio team. So, Studio Leads, why not reach out?
As a bonus, I am easy to work with and highly responsive in communication.

I’d be happy to send you samples of my work. Let’s chat?
Kind regards

Hi @mjensen415
What are the requirement,if I wanna be a studio member?

Hello, I’m a passionate and professional writer and editor with a professional degree and many writing certifications. I’ve worked with over 4000 satisfied clients here on Fiverr. I write books, articles and website content.
If you need a creative writer for your studio, I’ll be happy to join your team! Feel free to contact me for writing samples. Let’s take your studio to the next level!