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Study: Your recommendations/tips to first-time clients


I am compiling a list of tips/recommendations from freelancers to first-time clients. This will be posted in a blog.

I am looking for freelance designers, writers, coders and virtual assistants, from everywhere.

I will include your name (or anonymous) and a link to your profile/webpage (if you want) so you get visibility.

If you are interested in participating, please send me a message.


If you are looking for free info I suggest you browse the forum where there is lots of posts with tips etc.
If you need custom information from individual sellers then I suggest you place orders like everyone else does.
This site does not operate on a work-for-links system so please do not attempt this.


Ok, I’m sorry. I will edit the post to make it more general.



I am not asking anyone to work for free.

I’m just asking freelancers for tips based in their experience working with clients. I will publish those tips for free and offer proper attribution (or anonymous, if the freelancer wants).

I’m offering a space (my blog) so Fiverr freelancers can send their tips to first-time clients, so the newbie clients can be better working with freelancers and make the client-freelancer world a happier place.

Are the people posting here working for free for Fiverr or the original poster? I don’t think so, they are jus sharing their knowledge in good faith.


You are looking for content for your blog, not doing anyone a favor from the goodness of your heart.
Here is a free one you can use from me:
When seeking content for your website or blog, don’t try to get it for free. All decent sellers have had the experience of being promised exposure or future work if they do the first job for free. It will make you look cheap and unprofessional and only inexperienced sellers will take you up on the offer. Pay the going rates for what you are asking for and most sellers will be happy to help.
No need to link to my profile.



No need for the pop corn, emmaki.

I am leaving the conversation up to here.

I still don’t understand the reasoning behind the moderator of calling it a “free gig”… if it was work for free, the freelancer would have to be out of his mind to accept work for free. But I have had 3 replies with quotes so far, and they are happy to help educate new clients.

Anyway, everyone can see the world however they want. I choose to see the world were people are free to help other people for free (specially if it is education). Others can see the world as if everything has a price tag.


The username is different but you sound suspiciously like the guy you messaged me the other day asking for tips and work samples for a blog targeted at promoting Fiverr sellers.

In either case, you are looking for free work here and the only people who are likely to give you that are the same people you should probably be trying to avoid collaborating with.


It is important and interesting for sellers to note that Fiverr’s affiliate scheme is going to attract a lot of people to do things like the OP has here. The affiliate scheme pays out to the owner of a link that brings a new user to Fiverr who signs up and buys. The different categories have different payout amounts.
You may get requests for this kind of thing and I suggest that you ask to be paid for your time.
PS. Yes, I am an affiliate. Yes, I pay any sellers I ask for work from. No, I don’t want people to message me asking for work.


I do have a website that curates gigs, but I have never asked anyone to do their gig for free. Mine is a “mystery shopper” approach where I order the gig, pay for it, and only after the delivery I ask the seller permission to post it. I think this is the most ethical way, as the seller gets paid for its time and I get an honest example of the sellers work. So I agree with cyaxrex and eoinfinnegan on this one.


Be careful w the affiliates’ T&C!


Appreciate the heads up.
I can’t turn on and off Mod abilities.
Yes, I posted a table of fees to highlight why people should get paid when they work.
This is not allowed and upon learning this I removed it immediately.


So nice idea :slight_smile: it will really help the new clients for sure . Can we expect the same thing or likewise tip and suggestions from experienced Clients,what they expect from sellers and with what they get satisfaction? It will help the newbies /new sellers too :innocent:
Thank you :slight_smile:


Excellent idea! Will look into it