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Stupid Bots Checking Gig Descriptions!


I just need to rant to be honest.

My gig that has been up for years and is my most popular was taken down and needs to be modified. Apparently, I’m offering to do people’s homework.

Actually, if a human read the gig description it’s clear that I don’t offer to do homework. In fact, I explicitly state that I don’t do any homework or assignments. That doesn’t stop people asking me to do it, but the statement is there in the gig.

The only thing I can think that’s happened is a bot has seen the word homework or assignments and not actually factored the rest of the statement. I’ve adapted the gig to remove the whole statement out, but that means my gig description doesn’t fully state what I won’t do! Now waiting for Fiverr to decide to put it back online. Their bots’ mistake means my gig isn’t available and I won’t get orders through it. Seriously, it was a featured one as well.


Thankfully, I don’t rely on Fiverr full time to make money. If I did, I’d be screwed with the bots, while trying to make my gig description as thorough as possible.

Rant over!


Now that is indeed an issue… I mean, even the Fiverr blog posts and many forum posts mentioned that we should be as clear and concise as possible in regards to what we do as well as what we don’t do so that we avoid cancellations due to misunderstandings. Yeah, it’s not fair for a seller to follow the said advice and then get penalized :frowning: I hope CS will understand and assist you with this problem.


It also can be a guessing game to try to figure out what word triggered this.
Don’t edit your gigs is one suggestion.


So far the changes are fine. The gig is back up. I have sent a ticket to support to have this looked into though, as it suggests a major problem with the bots.

The weird thing is @misscrystal is that I haven’t edited the gig for a while. The last time I edited was for the packages, so I’m not even sure why it’s come up recently. I editing my gigs as much as possible, unless I change the amount of words I’ll offer for a price.


It’s most likely due to Fiverr working on the improved search… or maybe Fiverr follows Google’s process: when they add a new update, they’d re-analyze all gigs.


i had the same problem. it was resolved quickly