STUPID Buyers (Must be 15 characters)


I received 3 orders and all of them are right away cancelled. They need things that i never do. WTH man. My Order completion rate is decreased. KCUF NAM!
As a seller, i don’t have any rights. I can’t say a bad word to my customer, whether they use abusive language or say really bad things about my services or characters.

Fiverr is only helping Buyers. We are nothing. DOERS? HAHA… ALL Bullshit!

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@untitledartwork I am talking about Buyers sir not about sellers. I am a seller.


anger makes you vulnerable
if you are a freelancer you must face the odds of the 3w world


@untitledartwork and that’s the only thing i can’t control.


@jhallawalla I already reported. But what i am thinking is there is some type of way like, when a buyer orders something, sellers have to accept or reject their orders. Or something like that. This helps us to decrease our cancellation rates.


Buyer makes an order without providing Required files, but since I can kinda work around it (albeit at reduced production value) I decide to send him what I can do for him anyway, along with an offer to mutually cancel it, if that’s what he wants…

What follows is some next-level retarded bs.

As a seller on Fiverr, you are extremely vulnerable.


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Don’t abuse the Buyers or fiverr system. You’re violating fiverr Rules. :smile:

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