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*Stupid* Just busted my own 100% rating


Good Day…I’ve been with fiverr for 5months up to date and have maintained a perfect 100% rating score.

So yesterday I got an order on one of my gigs which didn’t relate to it, but did in fact relate to another gig I offer, so I asked the buyer to please cancel his order and place his order with the right gig. I then went and cancelled the order myself…even though it said (has a negative effect on your rating) I thought it meant like the buyer having a negative effect, not that he did ~ I just don’t like my gigs’ portfolio’s mixed up…

Now because of my STUPID misunderstanding of the warning my 100% overall rating has gone down to 97% is there any way I can get back to 100%…I just wanna kick myself in the head…but it is a little impossible X(


Did you contact customer support? is that ok now?


Thanks, I’ll contact customer support…only after I did the stupid unthinkable did I realise I could’ve done the order and just delivered it in a way so it won’t show on my profile (x_x) Thanks guys :smiley:


GREAT!!! Thanks guys, I did contact Customer Support and they sorted my overall rating out and it’s back to 100% :-bd though my gig is still suffering from the negative rating the buyer left…oh well, I guess we all learn in different ways…too bad mine had to be this way X_X