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Stupid level system

I had no activity in the last 12 month, but my level has been changed from level 2 to level 1 then again level 2 then to no level and now I’m level 2 again.


It’s probably due to various stats shown on the dashboard/analytics. eg. if you got a message/mesages but didn’t respond your response rate could have gone below 90% meant you’d get demoted and then after that message was >60 days old, it would no longer be in your stats so you’d get promoted again. Though I didn’t think people could drop immediately from level 2 to level 0. If it’s done it incorrectly you could contact CS.

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It works best for very active people. I delayed to respond to a direct message and got slapped with a bad response rate. Since I only had two messages in the last two months I slid from level two, and now to level one.

For a seller with a huge flow of inquiries, they can easily maintain the standards unless they are intentionally bad.


Though maybe if they got so many messages (eg. hundreds) they also might have trouble keeping up and responding to every one in time, maybe also depending on how busy they were.

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Someone would need an assistant to keep up.

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I got 2-3 messages… I level system built on 2-3 message I don’t this it’s very relevant and fair.

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So your level made all those changes based on only the message statistics? That’s amazing, thanks for sharing.

The response rate is only regulated by your first interaction to a new conversation,
So suppose A sent you a message and you replied in 1h
Then B messaged you and you replied in 3h,
Your response would be ~2h
Now, if A or B messages you again, the time you take to respond them is no longer taken into consideration…

I think what happened to you is that maybe you got some spammy messages and decided to ignore them rather than tackling them, so it hurt your stats,
The best way to tackle spams is to reply once (as a warning for example, or showing disinterest) then ignore it

Hope it helps


As you will advance in levels, you can also take advantage of quick responses, just use the {username} code to address directly to your client,

For example you are a little bit busy, and you need 3h to start the work, your quick response would be really handy.

Some top rated sellers work with assistants, that’s right, I saw some designers’ profile saying that they work with 6 ~ 10 members in their team (it’s not a studio I’m talking about). I don’t know yet if this is a good practice or not,

So let me know if you find some answers about that too :blush: