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Stupid newbie issues (KIRIBATI)

How can I change my home country?

Fiverr thinks I am in Kirabatti ? I am in Arkansas…

File a report with customer support and ask them to change it. They may request some sort of proof of your location.

Wouldn’t you rather live on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific? :wink:

Reply to @celticmoon: Ahhh yes… The mystical island of Fiverr-Kiribati. [lol]

How many times have we seen members post about this problem? :open_mouth:

And no, Fiverr does NOT think these people are from Kiribati. Fiverr is simply “defaulting” to “Kiribati”, because it has NO IDEA where they’re from.

How do we know this? Because I’ve checked the profile of a few of these Kiribati non-residents… and there is NO PIN on their worldmap!

If Fiverr actually thought they were from Kiribati, they would have a pin in the middle of the Pacific.

Interesting, eh? :slight_smile: