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Stupid Question - Payment Methods

So … I am looking to change my payment method since Fiverr doesn’t like my PayPal today…

I have spent a gizillion hours looking for the Payment Page. Where the heck is it…?


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There are many ways you can pay for services on Fiverr. Choose the option, which best suits you. Read Details

Right - thanks wp_kid.

I guess I should have been more specific. This is a Navigation question.

Your link goes to Fiverr>Buying on Fiverr>Paying for Services. There is no
link to my payments choices there.

If I click on Fiverr>Buying on Fiverr >Saved Payment Methods, then I
certainly see a set of instructions (with no links embedded)

When I click on Settings>Billing, I see a dialogue box with my existing
"Billing Information." I do not see any navigation links anywhere to get
to the info I have stored. Or to add new card. Or to change a card.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I certainly cannot recall
having to write an email or a post to a community for any website when it
comes to that website wanting to be paid?

I am sure the navigation is right in front of me…

If you can show my the path to get to where I want to go, then thank you!

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Do you not just pay for your gigs when you order them? I don’t think payment details are stored, so you just pay as you go?

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I dimly remember a thread where someone asked how to delete their credit card as payment source and the only solution they could get to/found themselves and posted later had been to order a gig but not ‘go through with it’ and then could delete their credit card info once they got to the payment page during the ordering process.

Which sounds a bit pedestrian, but if you can´t see a more straightforward way, yeah, maybe just order until you get to that page and then see if you can change it there.

Yup - always pay as I go. BUT today Fiverr doesn’t like my PayPal. So I
cannot order cuz I cannot navigate what I think is a terrible UI…

Like I said, i’m probably not the sharpest tool in the shed IF I cannot
find the spot to change a card…

I realize Fiverr is a tiny company…

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 3:00 PM offlinehelpers <> w

I have the exact same problem now. went to change my credit card. went to settings/billing (seemed easy enough) but the only option was to remove my current cc. I thought I’d need to do that first so removed it. However, no link or button to add and there was never a link or button to edit existing payment methods. :frowning: