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Styles are not applied to the gig description


A few weeks ago I lost my gig formatting.

In the edit mode, I can see the description just right (bold fonts, underlines, lists etc). However in the real view mode, it’s only plain text.

Like here:

They used to be OK at some point, but all of a sudden they become ugly.

Do I miss something here? Any kind of trick with a last fiverr frontend, a hidden button to push etc?



That’s true.

Even my gig description styles are lost, the description looks all messed up right now.

Let’s hope that Fiverr is working to fix this issue.


Yes , don’t know why they give options when they don’t even apply .


There are a few threads about this, but last I saw, there were no consistent changes. Some users say that re-applying the styles works, some say not. Some users got in touch with CS, but I haven’t seen any actual resolutions mentioned.

Other than some tiny SEO help, the formatting doesn’t have much of an effect on orders, so don’t worry too much about it. It will probably be corrected eventually.


Contact CustomerSupport they will help you