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The latest search update makes it easier to find what you need on Fiverr.

Subcategories provide a way to organize Gigs so that it is easier for buyers to find Gigs with services that they need. Also, the refined search supports the ability to search the entire site, a specific category or a subcategory.

Sellers need to assign the subcategory to their Gigs so that they will appear in the refined search. To do this, all you have to do is go to “My Gigs” and edit each Gig to assign them a subcategory.

For example: put your logo design gig in the subcategory ‘Logo Design’ under the category ‘Graphics’.

Learn more about Subcategories


I was so excited when the sub categories came out and then realized that my category and sub category was still OTHER… :))


Hi natalieab, thanks for the great news, but how we are as seller can get more sales after subcategory applied? Cause I hear some of my friends told me that his order is not much like before even there is no sales in his gig, including me.

Do you have any tips how seller can increase his sales by reach more new buyer? Thanks


@sm_coverman: First of all, it’s important to assign your Gigs to a subcategory - otherwise it will be very hard for buyers to find your Gigs in the search.

If you have a Gig that could fit into multiple subcategories then you should create more focused Gigs to spread yourself out. The key here is not to duplicate your Gig and post it around but to create unique, niche oriented Gigs that will fit the subcategory you are assigning it to.

By spreading out you increase the chances of exposure where buyers are searching for services that you can offer.

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions (or need some clarifications) don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: