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Submit a feedback form for an order after months


I have ordered a gig an the artist performed well.
I want to rate his performance but it was a busy period for me, and I cannot find the feedback form to the order… it has been months and I guess the feedback form automatically disappears from the closed order, any help?


Hello, you guessed right. There’s a time window of 10 days to leave a review. Maybe you can keep in mind to review closer to the delivery next time you buy from that artist. They’ll appreciate that. :slight_smile:


Hello there, I have also getting problem of buyers feedback. Last 3 days ago I was completed a job but still now buyers didn’t give any feedback though she is looking satisfied for my job. Amount is credited my account. Anybody help me about getting buyers feedback.


We can not pressure buyers to leave a feedback. It’s completely up to them if they want to leave a review or not.
If the buyer is amazed with your work then usually they will go extra mile to leave you a good review. If not then maybe it’s for the best that they didn’t write anything.


Thanks, Your notes help me …