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Submit An Offer, But Cannot Change My Gig to A Most Suitable One?

Hi, not sure anyone has this experience same as me. I looking at a buyer’s offer, I thought I have a gig which is most suitable for this offer, but when I send offer, the system fixed it with my another gig, which I think not suitable.

I know sometime the system will allow changing my gig to a suitable one, but not every times allow doing that.

Thought this can be improved.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The system picks the gig that matches the request’s category and sub-category.


Thank you for reply:)

I am busy and forget my post here !!

I think the gig we offer, can also work for other sub cat, maybe Fiverr should allow in the entire category, no limit to sub cat.

But that will be a big problem for buyer, he/she will received 100 over offers , LOL :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. Unable to change gig while sending an offer.

If we cannot change the gig while sending offer so why multilple gigs option is there?