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Submit an unspam request to undo this

A client has sent me a message but when I go to open the message it shows “she/he (client name) will no longer be able to contact you. Submit an unspam request to undo this.” the word "unspam request " is a link. it said to make unspam request. Will I click on the word of "unspam request "? Will it harms my account if I click those words "unspam request "?

Somehow Fiverr BOT marked your client’s msg as spam (maybe he send the same msg to many sellers ). Simply click it to unblock it if you want to reply that client’s msg. You do not have to worry about it :wink:

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There are a few about. They have been flagged or reported by others. Often there is a virus or it’s spam. It won’t harm your account if you click unspam request, but they are usually marked for a good reason.