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Submit Requirments after purchase

Very frustrated that I purchased a Gig and keep trying to post the requirements for the Gig and Fiverr keeps loping me back to Submit to Start.

What’s up? Is Fiverr broken? No Fiverr support email or chat… anybody know how to get someone from Fiverr to respond to the issue?



You could create a ticket here:

I’ve already created a ticket.

Any advice here on how to fix the solution would be greatly appreciated. Seller is getting frustrated that I’m not submitting my requirements but every time I do so the page keeps refreshing and does nothing. Tried on phone and computer with no luck

Login via another browser and retry.

Try to clean cache memory, then try again.

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Maybe there’s some mandatory requirement that you’re not filling in.


It might be just a glitch, fiverr support most likely will ask you to clean your cache or try from a different browser.

You can also try to submit your requirements through fiverr app as it might take fiverr CS quite some time to reply nowadays. People report that they are waiting to replies even for 3 days

As the last resort: can you send him a message on the order page or is it also bouncing back?
If you can send a message on the order page (not a requirements page and not the inbox chat) then the seller can mark from his side that he received all requirements and order will start


I’ve tried on multiple browsers as well as the app to fix the issue but unfortunately it’s came up with the same error and shows details are missing.

No idea how to clear cache and memory but would I be right and saying this wouldn’t be the problem as I’ve tried many different browsers? Or is this something I would do on my fiverr profile?

Not sure what could be the mandatory requirement that I am missing. All I have done so far was create my account, verified and made a purchase.

I was able to send a message via the order page but for some reason it would only work on the desktop though submitting requirements didn’t work via desktop either. I am still awaiting for a response from the seller so maybe he will pick up my message from the order page and hopefully we can work from that.

Hi did you manage to get the problem fixed as I’m having the same issue.

this is crazy experiencing the same thing tried all the different tricks listed above getting really frustrated with this whole ordeal i just need my order delivered the seller already knows my issue and has contacted fiverr with a ticket just as i did too no reply so far in these two days this is a serious problem that they need to fix