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Submitted a request to work on my website. Need advice before committing!

Hi, I’m a Fiverr newbie here seeking for advice before committing to spend few hundred bucks. Your advice is much appreciated.

I have just posted a request to work on quite a few things on my unfinished website. I have received offers to work it from 30 sellers. It is likely to cost a few hundred bucks, which is a lot to me. Short listed quite a few, but really hard to tell who has the capability doing it, as some of the works requested are quite unique.

My questions are

  1. It will need few reviews and testing of the website, will there be opportunity for me to do it with the seller? My concern is that the sellers simply complete the work not to my satisfaction and mark it as work done.

  2. When I placed an order (select the seller to do my work), when will the money release to the seller? Would it be released only after I am satisfy with the work done? What do I have in hand if work done not at all to my standard.

    Many thanks

I recently came across a gig in which the seller is recording a video of himself testing a website so this might be the way to go. If something is not to your satisfaction you can always request a modification, which will prevent the order from getting marked as complete. If you don’t request a modification the order will be marked as complete by the system after 3 days. I hope that helps :wink:

Thanks Annai for your kind advice and ideas.

You are very welcome, good luck and I hope your first order experience will be a great one!

i advice you to communicate with buyer and ask him question to see if he really know what is requested, also and the most important you have to split the total to 3-4 payments to stay safe.
Good Luck

When you post a buyers request you are going to get many sellers giving you price quotes who may or may not understand the full job and who may or may not actually do the work you need done. Some sellers send out too many general responses to buyer requests.

What you need to do is once you see who the seller is, go to their profile, read all their gigs, read their reviews and then communicate with them a few times to make sure that you can understand yourself.

Since you pay ALL t he money first, before the seller can work on it, that money is basically already the sellers. Once the job is complete it takes 14 days to clear. You can ask for a refund, but you can’t just get a refund by saying I don’t like it. There has to be very much something wrong.

Also, you should NOT pay a large amount. Break it up into smaller gigs.

And when you need testing and reviews of the website this should be part of your custom order. Be very sure to get a detailed bullet point list of what the job consists of.

Thanks all for the advice much appreciated

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Hi all, one more question

Can I edit my request which I have now a doc that fully described what I wanted? The request in the original post was not very clear. Or I have to post a new one.

Thanks again

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Hello lscsoton, no you cannot edit your doc file that has already been sent. I recommend you to send another file to the seller

Reply to @imadou: I strongly agree with this. Splitting the work up can protect both buyer and seller. The work can be done in increments and paid in the same way. If anything isn’t going well, you can “cut the cord” before going further.

Reply to @fonthaunt: i see that you are a moderator here, idin’t recieve a notification for your reply (happened many times), maybe you know who can fix this

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Concur with fonthaunt’s suggestion.
Use ‘Custom Order’ function to split an assignment into slices.
If the first one or two are not forthcoming - BAIL.

There is a wealth of talent here at Fiverr. However, it seems that
many Seller’s have little BUSINESS experience (savvy, courtesy, etc).

Example: Recently agreed to have a Seller do a minor assignment
for a client: (a) establish a YouTube Channel (should take maybe
15 minutes or less of Seller’s time @1 gig) / (b) execute and post the
Channel Cover (with design and copy provided to Seller -should take
maybe maybe 30 minutes of Sellers’ time @1 gig). Say a total of ONE hour.

Seller asked for 4 DAYS completion. Agreed to timetable.
NO COMMUNICATIONS from Seller after repeated requests for
’Progress Report’.

Towards the end of Day 4, Seller requests CANCELLATION (to avoid
negative reviews) with the rationale that “Buyer was in a hurry”.
Go figure…


Reply to @imadou: I am not sure what you mean by notification for the reply. The forums don’t currently have automatic notification that I know of. You can click the follow button on any thread and you will see a yellow update in the right-hand column that will show you if new comments have been added to that thread. I hope that helps!

Reply to @fonthaunt: when you login to the forum and someone has replied to your comment you will see a number in red next to your name. it happens just sometimes when this doesn’t work.

Reply to @imadou:
Good idea. Thanks

Reply to @ronasia:
Thanks for instructions. I was about ask the question on splitting the orders.

That’s exactly my problem finding the right one with experience is difficult. Judging on their previous portfolios not very helpful especially question on authenticity of the work and how much he/she has contributed to the work.

Reply to @lscsoton: On an anonymous site like Fiverr, that is always going to be difficult.

And Fiverr is unlike working with an independent Freelancer, even the good ones are not going to give you email updates to let you know about the progress.

Reply to @lscsoton: That’s why it’s a good idea to start with a small order. It may be a start to a large order you want to place later, or it might be a sample order. If you are uncertain, pay only $5 for a simple order to see if the work is well done and the communication is OK.

If not, IMO, you should let the seller keep the $5 for their time unless they send you a partial or no delivery or the work is very different from what was promised in their description. Cancelling based on only personal taste is against the ToS. If you decide not to use that seller due to taste or a mismatch in personalities, you can always let them keep the price of a hamburger and don’t review them at all.

By using this method you can try out 5 sellers for a total of $25 spent which isn’t a bad deal for a trial run. It’s like buying something from a discount store and if you realize it isn’t worth buying another one, you don’t. I know when I’m surfing to buy on Fiverr, I can rule out many based on their profile writing, gig description, stock photos and maybe 1 message. No money spent.

From my narrow list, if I try 3-5 sellers I’m likely to find one I like. Then I buy a bigger order but still partial and if all goes well, I gradually complete the job. Yes, it takes a bit of work and a few dollars on samples, but you can end up with a project that would cost you 10 times more elsewhere. For me, I now have a go-to list of about 15 sellers that I can count on and if I need a new service or one of them drops out, I try for some new ones.