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Submitted NID for verification but not getting any confirmation

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I got the notification from fiverr to veriify my account. As usual I have submitted my NID and selfie.

It’s been 10 hours passed, but I am not getting any confirmation from fiverr whether my docs were accepted or not. I am still getting the popup above my dashboard.

When fiverr is likely to update me about my docs? Nothing seems normal :face_with_thermometer: should I resubmit my documents?

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Wait until the banner above disappears.

Don’t make any changes until the internet problem is not fixed.

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Thanks, will I get any email / notification if my documents not accepts by them? How can I understand if I need to resubmit?

They will notify you for sure, but it will be prolonged. Imagine the fireman house is on fire and you need to ask them questions about your obsolete fire extinguisher…

You just have to wait until they are done with fire, AKA internet being down and causing main site to behave like crazy.