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Submitted Order Requirements Not Accepted



I have purchased a gig, completed order requirements, including a sample image of what I wanted as required by the seller, I checked the acknowledgment box and submitted order; however, it still showed that I needed to provide order requirements, so I did it again and then again with the same results.
As a result, a project that I needed a week ago still wants me to submit order requirements today. I just completed it and submitted it again, so I’ve got my fingers crossed. In the meantime, I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have as to handling this.

Carol (an active Fiverr user)


Asking Customer Services might be the best place to start if you’ve got a problem like that. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Apart from Customer Support as offlinehelpers suggested, perhaps you could try to message the seller directly and ask what you may have missed from the requirements (if anything - I know, you said you´re an active user, but sometimes one just doesn´t see something :slight_smile: and not just attachments but also textboxes can be mandatory) and the seller can look at your order from their side, perhaps they’ll have an idea about what the problem could be.


Thank you for your response. For this particular gig, there is no “contact
me” link But I’ll keep trying.
Enjoy your weekend


You can always communicate within the order with the seller.


You can message the seller directly by typing in:

If there’s a bug or issue that isn’t opening the order due to missing requirements, they won’t see your order in their queue. It’s best to message them and check what’s going on.


When you open your transaction page, are you getting this:

If so, you are good. Expand the “Hide Requirements” and you will see this.