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Submitting my gig for Buyer Requests. Am I doing it wrong?


I have submitted my gigs many times for buyer requests. Every time, it says something like “select a gig best suited to the request.” But Fiverr has already selected the gig it thinks matches best, and I can see no way of changing it. Also, is there some way to add a note telling the buyer why I might be particularly well suited to what they’re asking for? If so, I can’t see that either. Please let me know if I’m missing something.

ricksper said: I know, I know...


There is a way which I had mentioned previously. When you look at the request and can see which category Fiverr has selected for you to offer, go to what you think is the appropriate Gig and re-categorize it. Then later you can restore to the earlier category.

I know, I know…

kjblynx said: When a buyer makes a request they have to select a category and subcategory. You can only submit a gig which matches the same subcategory and category.
Which is a totally stupid way to try and limit spam for the potential buyers. They still get what appear to be irrelevant offers (spam) because sellers that offer exactly what's been requested may not be able to submit the appropriate gig, but they're still going to submit something in case the buyer noses around their account and finds the correct gig.