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Submitting support ticket

I’ve been trying to submit a support ticket all day. I keep getting an error that says "oops.

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

Take me back to the homepage"

Is there an email address I can use? Please?

Hello; Yikes; don’t know what happened. Can someone “fix” this?The order for cbdresher was delivered well ahead of time: on: 18:47APRIL 09, 2016. I’m new to Fiverr; with just 3 sales only. This one is considered “late” but I did the order; maybe instead of clicking the “Deliver” I just sent it in the regular “conversation” box. I hope you can fix this so it gets paid and not hurt my ratings. I could not find a “support ticket” as an option other than the options to explain and then cancel. Thanks. terscott Ter Scott