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Subscription Program Launch: NOW LIVE!

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new beta test feature, Subscriptions!
Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 10.58.39 AM

The Subscriptions feature provides you the option to either build on your existing relationships with Buyers who really value your work, or offer new Buyers your services for extended periods.

We’re in the process of rolling this out and currently only select Sellers may offer subscriptions to Buyers.
For a brief moment today, all sellers might have seen the new “subscription” column in their managed Gigs page.

If you’re currently able to see the column now, you are part of the beta program. If the column does not show, you’ll have to wait. This is a targeted rollout in order to ensure a quality experience for your Buyers. The Subscription feature eligibility is evaluated according to pre-established criteria to measure the success of the program. These are based on external and internal business metrics, alongside quality metrics.

If you’ve been selected to participate, let us know your thoughts and feedback here in the thread. If this feature is not turned on for you yet and you’re interested, also let us know.

For more information about the program, please check out the landing page and the help center article.


i was very happy to see this notification on my phone :blush:


Hello everyone,

Just got an email stating that I am one of the first users to have access to sell subscription-based services. Has anyone got this email as well? Is the feature available for us right now as the email implies or is it launching for us later?


That’s great.
Can you please tell more about this feature?


Soon you will be able to sell services on a monthly recurring basis. For example I sell SEO so I can sell a SEO subscription so the gig would be on a recurring basis when they purchase rather than a one time purchase. Its definitely a great feature that Fivver needed.


That’s great
Thank you for sharing.


I also got an invitation and I hope it’s amazing!!! There are meetings happening now to explain this program so let’s all stay tuned.


Good News! Guys, I think the wait is going to over soon.
The Gig Sell Subscription Is in Beta Mode Now, and available to some users in 2021 Now.


What I came to know as of now that-
You can gain repeated subscriptions that will occur in a monthly based timeframe. By this, You will be able to gain repeat orders and future income by adding a monthly subscription package to your gigs.

Who will get this feature?
It’s sent to chosen sellers by fiverr and also depends on the type of services that are being provided in the gigs. This feature seems to of level independent, which means you don’t have to be a level 2 or top-level seller to get this beta feature.

We will be able to learn more when the Gig Sell Subscription Feature will be released globally. As of now, we know that-
It is a Beta Feature which is not released globally and officially yet. But as you can see the marketplace is integrating some awesome features to make the freelancing and outsourcing process easier.

Let’s look forward to the official release of this.


Today I got two new features in my profile which are subscription and availability feature and both are really awesome features but I want to know regarding subscription feature more, can anyone explain in detail that how to use this and how buyers use this features.

Thank you!


following, i got the same alert today but dont know how to use.


At last fiverr added monthly subscription to your gig feature.
Still i dont know exactly what it does. But looking forward to know about this more.

If anyone know about this plz let me know.


I’m surprised as well.


We have to see if any buyer prefers subscription


You never dissapoint me Fiverr. The second I doubt you, you launch something else that’s great. Keep it up, I really hope Fiverr becomes even larger as a platform (Although hype from YouTube has already made it huge).


Still, I don’t know exactly what it does. But I’ll am waiting for it.


Great feature. Waiting for my profile.


This promotion is work only for those who are already ranked on fiverr top page.


Not exactly. It arrives randomly to users. Most likely to Pro and Top Rated first


I’m waiting to have this subscription program on my screen.