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Substandard Work


I am very disappointed with my swcond fiverr experience (the first was great, btw). I ordered a Powerpoint presentation for my real estate business. There were 3 levels of service offered, Basic, Upgraded, and Premium. There was supposed to be better work, more slides, some extra goodies, added at each level. I purchased the Premium Level and expected great things, because my previous experience on fiverr was excellent. What I got was 7 slides that looked like they were thrown together during a commercial break. I should have just done this myself but I thought it might look better if I hired a professional. Boy was I wrong ! I contacted the seller and basically was told “oh well, SUCKER !” Well, live and learn I guess. I would warn others that using fiverr is kinda like a shell game…you might get somebody doing great work, but you might just as easily get some real #$%@


This post is deleted as may not helpful.


Sorry to hear about this. Alas you cant do anything. At least If you want your :moneybag: back, Send a dispute and cancel the order. If the seller declines it, Contact customer support and send them screenshots of how he communicated with you.
Good Luck. :thumbsup:


That is why it is adviceable as a buyer on Fiverr to:

  • Read the seller’s gig description and reviews
  • Contact them first prior to placing an order
  • State your requirements/expectations very clearly
  • Look at work samples
  • Place a small order first (maybe for $5) as a test of their capabilities

I hope your third and subsequent experiences will be great like your first!


Men, is this one of the most hilarious posts I’ve seen! Please, do NOT follow this advice. The system is designed so you can “deposit” payment in advance and confirm it when you are satisfied with the job. As with everywhere else, there are the good and the bad (buyers and sellers alike). The advice from @benjamin5va is a sure way to minimize your losses on this site.


In addition to @rainny_writer post, this is against Fiverr TOS to work before the order being placed!

To sellers, never do the work without any order :slight_smile: Always get order first from your buyer then work.


I think the problem is that you didn’t hire a professional :slight_smile:

Always ask for work samples and look at reviews. Fiverr is hit-or-miss if you don’t do your due diligence.


@ david_expertis Yes. You are correct and may be I was wrong. But buyer has right to see at least done example to make sure the seller is really professional. Because there are so many new seller in fiverr even they didn’t get a single work from buyer. Some of them are really professional some are not. Buyer should give some opportunity to grow up a new seller. Also buyer will stay happy.


This is not true, and is actually terrible advice. A buyer does NOT have the right to free work before they decide to work with a seller. If a buyer wants to test out the abilities of a seller, they can easily obtain a simple $5 order. And if they like the work delivered for $5, they can decide to pursue a larger order from that seller.

Sellers should NEVER, ever, give away their work for free.


When it happened? I think you can get your money back.
Will tell you more - u can use paypal money back - they keep sending these news emails.

Interesting: 1 month ago I translated .ppt presentation (27 slides.pages)
but also I reformated it because every detail jumped from slide to slide
My buyer payed very good money and is happy. Ordered another order after.
Yes, she worried and asked in the beginning to show one page example - no problem.
Anyway, try to get your money back if the work is very bad.


Careful there, Yury, please go the Customer Support route, OP, Fiverr suspends accounts for doing PayPal charge backs, and with reason and it’s in the terms too.