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Succesful gig is now dead U_U

I had to left my gig paused for about a year for a bunch of reasons and now that I reopened it I got zero orders.
I used to recieve 15-20 monthly orders and now I don’t have any customer.

Can you give me any advice?

I am currently promoting it, but I’m sure i can do more things to revive it!



Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

In that year, almost all categories have doubled in size. You seem very niche, so you have that going for you. A simple slideshow video backed by something like Moonlight Sonata might help, as that matches the tone of your work quite well.


The fact you remain your level is also fortunate. A lot of sellers after 3 months on inactivity go to zero level.

You have 7,429 services available for drawing your dog and 70,229 services available in your main category today. During last year and pandemic some categories doubled, while some ×3 or ×4 even.

Design categories get 5000 new sellers every day.

You should add more gigs and check out on how to make new gigs rules and advices.


I paused a successful gig about three years ago, as other parts of my life were busy. I used to get a couple of orders a day on average over the 18 months that the gig was active.

I unpaused that gig in April last year as work became thin on the ground. I didn’t get a single order from that gig in eight months. In fact I got bored of waiting and in the end, over Christmas, I simply deleted it as it was clear that nothing was going to happen.

Based on my experience, and it is only my experience, trying to reactivate a once successful gig that’s been paused for a considerable time is a dead loss.


Bad news, your gig never be the same, welcome to the group