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Succesfully delivered second order but buyer not responding


Hello everyone,
I got my second order just after completing my 1st order. I have delivered the order but the buyer is not responding. It showing “waiting for buyers feedback”.
What should i do to get order status complete?
Thanks in advance


Hi. You can’t do anything. Either the buyer will accept (and review) and thereby complete the order, or if they won’t for some reason, it will auto-complete 3 days after delivery.
Some buyers always complete and review their orders, some don’t.

You can find answers to questions like that in the “Seller Help Center”. If you have some time left, it’s worth reading some of the articles there to get an overview, and it even can help you to avoid problems you may run into otherwise at some point.


nicely explain @miiila…Absolutely right


would i get negative impression if he went without feedback?


No, only negative reviews would harm your review/star rating. No review is just no review. It’s said that the average rating percentage is 70-80 %, so you see, not every buyer will leave a review, that’s quite a normal thing.


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thanks @miiila. It was very informitive


He gave me a 5-star rating. Now order is completed. Thanks @miiila