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SUCCESS | Cancelled Order by Customer Support - Trying to solve or leave it as it is?

Hi friends,

I’m an artist, level 2 seller here on Fiverr for more than 1 year. I did get some cancelled orders now and then in the past. Of course, these order felt bad but I tried to move on because there’s nothing I can do.

Recently, I have got a job from a client who need an urgent commission in 8 hours. They were simple sketches of 2 rooms so I took that job, even giving him a better price (not sure about the gender, so I used ‘he’). I got everything on time, but the client kept delaying accepting the final deliveries. He said that they were something he used for his project for another client, he was waiting for their feedbacks, too. So I just delivered again right after he requested revision (which he only typed …) to keep my rate.

After 5 days or so, he went back to ask for extras: 6 more drawings with more details in 12 hours. He kept ranting about the expensive price (I will not disclose the price here, but my price is just on average). I even reduced the ‘urgent’ fee for him. After that, the order was complete (automatically accepted).

But the story didn’t end there. He said he would have more works, I didn’t think much about it. There were times clients said that and they left forever, so I just accepted new projects. After 2 days, he came back and asked for 7 more drawings. Some personal context here: I had 4 orders going, feeling not really good. Thus, I told him that I couldn’t do more. I asked him for 5 days for 7 drawings and lowered my price much more. But he didn’t agree. Then I replied that I couldn’t work for him, find someone else. He kept ranting and I was a bit annoyed, here is my reply
“Then who will help me? I offer a service, not a charity. I think I clearly state my opinion.
Also, I don’t work for a good review and never ask for it.
Please stop messaging, it’s mid night my time now and I can’t spend all night replying messages.”

Then i went to sleep. This morning woking up, I found out that the past order was cancelled by Customer Support.

Is this a case I should contact Customer Support to get my money back or just leave it as it is?

Have a nice day with no cancelled order!

UPDATE: I contacted CS, after about 3 hours, got a reply that they will look into this problem. After about 12 hours, my money was back!!!

To those who are in the same situation, below is a look into how I got my money back: I explained clearly what happened (just copied what I wrote here), checked again their Term of Service to make sure no messages by me contains violated content.

The first reply by CS said that they did read all my messages btw me and the client, confirming my delivered drawing was sufficient enough to get paid.

This gives me hope about FIverr system.
Hope you guys doing great!


I think you can fight for it . It seem that you have did nothing wrong.

The only reason that I can think of why CS will listen and cancel the order is because the buyer complain about your “rude” messages or talking about “the good review” in your messages.

Or lastly, because the buyer keep buying from you and every time many drawings in 1 orders. I think fiverr CS had mistaken/ confused that you have forgotten or didn’t delivery the drawing in full … that’s why buyer keep asking for it.

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I would fight CS on this by showing that this person has cancelled out of spite after not being able to bully you in a manner contrary to TOS (sad but you have to remind CS of their own TOS). Demand their support under TOS to still get paid for work delivered.

Honestly, tho you should have nuked this one from orbit the first time they started bending you to their will with demands for discounts etc. Once you let the Vampire in, they have run of the house. You can never stop them except by telling them they are no longer invited in.

Raise your prices and stick to them.

Best of luck.



Thanks so much! I was going to let this go when I saw the cancelling noti.

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Thank you, I will try to present my case clear to the CS.

You should fight back and try to get the buyer blocked because he will threaten other sellers as well. However, I honestly feel customer support won’t do much except loaded replies sent through a boat.
The marketplace is buyers oriented.


Sadly this may be so but if no one fights bad behavior, no one else will, so CS will get lazier and the vampires stronger.

Tell us how it goes.


Yes, I totally agree. Most of my clients are quite nice and friendly even they cancel my orders (due to time limit, budget limit, etc) but some like this one just ruins my whole day.

I have just sent the CS my request. Checking back on this client’s profile, I saw he was ‘top buyer’ but no feedbacks from freelancers. So sad to think he may have done this to others as well.
I will update my process on this thread for sure.


Being a new seller who just spent five days and completed one order, I’m scared if such things happen a lot.

Also, would you be kind to advise me how to avoid such situations in future?

Sadly you can’t . Cancellation and fraud or even scam is enviable on fiverr or any platform
Even senior sellers will also encounter these problems. Can those decision will need to made by you :).

I guess you are a content writer based on your account name. Things will be a bit different since I am an artist. I have had about 8 or so cancellations but they are alright. The client explains things clear and I agree to cancel.
If you got a cancellation request/order, my advice is trying to be calm. In some cases, we sellers can’t do much and we need to quickly move on to new better projects.
Another advice to avoid scam is to check clients’ profile before getting started. If there are feedbacks, the client is legit and safe. Another tip is to search the client’s name on Google. Legit clients often use the same names for social media, websites, etc. . I forgot that step for this client this time :frowning:


Ah thankyou. Yes, I’m a professional writer who worked with lots of clients/agencies from all over the world. I’m new here though.

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Congrats! When I first started I was so scared too but things were alright somehow! I hope you will get more clients in the future!

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Thankyou. Its my fifth day; I so far got 446 impressions, 4 clicks and one order with five stars review.
Is it a Good progress?

Yes, I think so (I’m not an expert so don’ trust me 100% :slight_smile: ). Try to get the impressions to above 1k or so - that’s when orders come daily for me.


Yes I kind of gathered that. However, I believe nobody can grab 1000+ impression in their initial five days; or I may be wrong.

I got that number after 3 months, then it fell, then it went up again.

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Great. Are you a leveled seller?

I’m a Level 2. I got Level 1 quickly than I think, but I got down to No level after 1 month. :smiley: