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Success is in your hand......No one can gift it


Hi gd morning gys.
I am from Bangladesh. I was started my fiver journey january 2018. I was struglling hard.Evryday i was sent BR but hadn’t any order.Very first time i was nervous and confused also about my future.I was searching solution and reading a lot of blog about fiverr here and there.I was confused but i have confident in myself.I was determind that i have to success in fiverr.Finally i got my first order last 4days ago.It was my 122 no BR!!!.after completing this order with five star review i got my second order very soon.i already complete this also five star revie.
Finaly i want to say my real journey is started with my First order. Will go to so far…
For new comer’s my suggestion is never give up and don’t lose hope…Try Try Try…
Only fiverr secret is hard work with honestly.Success must be in your hand.
[PS:Sorry for my english]
Keep me in your prayers.




hey! you

I think you have to learn more about your faculty and you have to get some reform of your gig.
so learn more and earn more


Congratulations :slight_smile: best of luck


Hello there!!
I can perceive that you are a very good designer. However, your English is not good enough, some potential clients might have an impression that they’ll find it difficult to communicate with you in English. I checked your profile description, it has loads of grammatical errors.
Please re-edit and you will be able to get more frequent orders.

Wish you success


Thank you for your valuable feedback. I am sure that it will be much more effective for my caree.


Thank you so much.i am appreciated.


absolutely right , keep it up


Thank you for your suppor. Stay connected and it will be help in my caree.


Thank you bro.I am honoured.Stay connected and never forget to share your experience.


of course bro :slightly_smiling_face: