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Success Manager still available?

Fiverr used to have Success Manager assisting selected sellers improve gig or fixing order problem via skype, I was wondering is it still available nowadays?


Hey, Chris!

I’ve asked this question a few times before. I wanted to know if having a SM was beneficial or not.

Different answers from TRS/PRO Sellers, I recently asked @superalex76 and he said. :small_red_triangle_down:

I asked @writer99025 about this when he came back and he said he hadn’t heard from his SM in a long time, too. I think he scared her away tho. :smile:

This is what he said. :small_red_triangle_down:

I remember others said they’re in constant contact via email like @paulmaplesden.

This what Paul said. :small_red_triangle_down:

Others said their SM disappeared after a couple contacts or so.


I haven’t heard from my success manager in about a year. It was an awesome experience until she went for maternity leave. Then I was transferred to a new SM. We only talked once or twice and that was it.


My favorite has to be @writer99025’s SM story. :rofl: :rofl:



Its a shame Writer couldn’t try harder to not get in trouble. It was nice having him around. :smile:


Mine was pregnant apparently :)) I enjoyed receiving those monthly stats.

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Wow thanks for the info.

So they still available? Mine one was Trisha not sure is she still available.

Are you still contact them via Skype?

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I never talked to my success manager via skype, just exchanging emails from time to time. I think they are available because the CS told me to contact someone else, and when I’ve requested those monthly stats she told me that I can get it from my analytics dashboard.


I think what a lot of people are not realizing is that SM aren’t always going to be the ones reaching out to you. If you are fortunate enough to be a part of the program you need to be proactive as well and reach out to your SM whenever you have questions or issues and they are probably more than willing to help and work with you.


Trisha is now the head of the customer success team - not sure if she still acts as a day-to-day success manager.


My success manager used to be Hila, but she has moved on to other things and my current success manager is Josh. We email once or twice a month, typically about the following:

  • Him asking my opinion on Fiverr and how the platform could be improved.
  • Me making suggestions or running something past him.
  • Any changes I plan to make to how I work on Fiverr.

I tend to be fairly independent though, so I am not in constant contact, but I know he’s there if I need his advice, and that works well.


Thanks now for the info.

Seem they now communicate via email, last time we used to chat on skype. When I have some orders need to be cancel or the order mark as complete, take out portfolio sample, SM just did it for me. Missed the old days of fiverr!

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As Nika pointed out I haven’t heard from my SM in over 2 years and even then I think I only ever got 2 or 3 messages from him about 1-2 years after I became a TRS.

No idea if TRS still get them or not


Hi, Paul!

I like this method of being independent better. Instead of relying solely on the SM for (everything). It’ still nice to have a channel like a SM when :poop: hits the fan and getting a fresh pair of :eyes: and thoughts on a situation.

Agreed. They are not there to babysit. It’s not baby daycare 24/7. It’s a two-way street, I’m sure each SM is assigned to multiple Sellers.

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I think each one covers a category, so Josh takes care of writing and translation, for example.

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If you like, I could remind you every day how important it is to be a man, not let the world phase you, and amass super wealth. I could even throw in a ‘BTW, I’m considerably richer than you meme FOC.’

Just say the word and I’ll get right on it.

Edit: To stay on topic. I really liked my first success manager. Sadly, he went away and left me with another who I didn’t really get on with. - No issue but me and the first used to communicate via email, whereas the second seemed to only do ■■■■■. (And ■■■■■ drives me batty).

Neither, though, were really good for me personally, other than as a direct line to CS. (In which case super fast solutions were usually ready and waiting). - Ah… The good old days…

I miss you Mr. Whatever your name was


Yes, this was a good time to be around in Fiverr. Plus there was that warm fuzzy ‘I’m special’ feeling which you got from being able to say you had a success manager.

Now we’re not special anymore @chrisdata, we’re just yellow snow under the boots of giant reindeer.

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Remember they have bunch of fiverr ambassador promoting the platform and with super good treatment? Where are they now?

Eek! Every day? Now that sounds like a chore. :grimacing:
Keep the memes coming though. :wink:

What you’re gonna tell me you’re superman, the best thing since sliced :bread: bread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Mr. Whatever man chased his SM away didn’t want her advice. :smile:

How many Ambassadors in total? :thinking: I’m aware of at least (3) I don’t know if they are still FA tho.