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Hi, I have received email twice from Fiverr to either record or write my success story. And I have submitted my story twice. However, I never received any response. They did display that I will be contacted shortly. But its been more than a month and nobody contacted me.

Can someone help?


I think they send that message to many people. I’ve received that email twice too… they probably get hundreds, maybe thousands of submissions to share their story (they also advertise on their site for people to submit) so you might get featured, but maybe not! Hopefully they would email you in the event you did get featured.


Hmmm i didnot know that. Sellers i know didnot receive it. Lets see what happens.


Jeez…I hope never to receive such an email.


Why not? I think its a good thing


It’s very simple, Fiverr collects success stories, they will use some of them for marketing purposes, but not all of them. You should feel honored, not everyone gets that e-mail.


I would feel embarrassed if my “success story” gets featured. I just want to be left alone to do my thing.


Why not? We would love to hear about your maid, your cook your workout equipment etc…:blush:


LOL… you just @emmaki-ed me :smiley:


We love you writer :heart_eyes:


LOL…thanks for that, I guess :smiley:


Jokes aside. I really love reading those success stories and it’s crazy what some people were able to accomplish. I am always inspired by those stories.


Yes and i do feel honored. Received it twice.

Does anyone know how raise response rate and delivery rate?


I know how you feel. I felt the same when my city local sellers discussed me publically.


Response rate by getting an iPhone or a modern phone that accepts the Fiverr app. It will be annoying to stop what you’re doing to answer buyers, but your response rate will go up.

Delivery rate I don’t know. I just deliver before the deadline. I’m never late. Some days I deliver a lot of work, even if it’s due in 2 days, and then the next day I tend to get more orders.

Right now my strategy is to get more orders so my placement on the search result is higher. I’m not worried about how much money I’m making per order anymore.


I have the same strategies. My issue is sometimes buyers click the revision with minimum 2-3 hours redelivery option. So by the time i wake up and check it is in late delievery. I hate it. Sellers donot check the time difference and in a hurry they do that. Most of the times they do it out of fear lol.

I can see that delivery rate is also displayed as last 60 days delivery. So i think it will go up.

Once due to a sellers confusion and my slackness fiverr cancelled our order automatically lol. I and the seller were both confuse and we had to place a new order. In rertun my cancellation rate is now 1% :worried:


They are inspiring. When I come across a Fiverr success story I have to read it. I really am happy for the people who are able to build a brand, name, business, etc. for themselves by themselves. It’s amazing.


I usually avoid that problem by delivering 24 hours before it’s due, but sometimes I do experience what you’re talking about. The good news is clients don’t usually cancel, you just have to do the revision ASAP. I don’t think Fiverr will create a force cancellation option immediately, that happens later.

I’m surprised with the 60 days delivery, I went to your website and didn’t see that. Instead I saw:

· Recent Delivery: about 4 hours

· Avg. Response Time: 1 Hrs.

I also see you’re offering 1 day delivery for most gigs. Why? My view is that buyers should pay extra for that. Not everyone needs it, so why kill yourself everyday with all those orders? I need a little breathing room.


As much as I should feel honored if I get such an email from Fiverr ( which I haven’t),
I personally am glad I haven’t received it. I mean I know I’m not gonna be forced to write a story even if I did get that email, but still.
I’m doing OK with Fiverr, but not at a level where there is anything interesting enough to share
or inspire others. I just came across Fiverr, I put in enough time and effort to create some gigs,
got some orders, kept working, and that’s it. See? Nothing interesting! :wink:
Don’t get me wrong, I love Fiverr and it has taught me a lot…but I guess that can be said at
any kind of workplace/business. Dang, I’m sounding so…bitter. And this is why I shouldn’t be
writing any stories! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same here! That’s the point I wanted to make… :smirk: