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Success story 1 - My Logo creation campaign on fiverr


Hi viewers,
I can make anything you want, if you are a buyer, have to describe exactly what you want
Feel free to inbox me. if you seller, maybe you will need some info, or I need your some instructions here to improve my this gig, Thank you.

My service on 2 things.:
New Logo Design,
Edit Pre designed Logo.

If you needed, remind -
Logo design for any category but I need your Full instructions.

Request :
Please confirm that you have provided every information on order page or inbox.
send any message on order page after order, sometimes order not started!.
Remind that my mistake is modifiable for free but your mistake modifiable for Extra charge.

File Format in my services:

This is my gig link:

many seller wants to sell logo (also my gig is not very good I know) but all gig is good, to become success, I think to try another sell option, because many many many person can design logo own-self so tsellsers can’t reach top sell for Logo design. if we try dificult something maybe we become success . as animated logo, 3D logo etc.

(sorry for my bad english. if you do not understand, comment with exact line I may explain. Thank you for seeing this post).


so no advice for me!!!