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Success strategies of health that never falls

Revita Diet 12g - is a dietary product based on lyophilized royal jelly.

The most powerful natural bio stimulator and bio regenerator, is a valuable tool for preserving health and accelerate the healing process.
It’s special suitable for diabetics, obese people and weight-reduction diets because it has minimal calories, and in the longer term consumption and with adequate nutrition, corrects metabolism and provides more energy, greater resistance to stress, mental strength and freshness, concentration and memory, strengthens immunity and improves sleep and mood.

Regular consumption, in optimal amounts (three glasses a day, can and more) Strengthens immunity, resistance to stress and infection and speeds up detoxification (detoxification of harmful toxins and metabolic products), and after prolonged use of the product and perform other beneficial effects in the body - faster regeneration after injury and illness, strengthening the immune system, relieve symptoms in inflammation and allergic conditions, increasing physical and mental strength, improve mood and sleep.

1 bag of 1.5l water or lukewarm tea

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