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Success Tips For New Sellers on Fiverr

Hello everyone, My post is specially for newbies who always complain that we are not getting orders. Well here are some tips from my experience:

1: Make unique gigs for you:
Look and search for top gigs related to your area of interest. And then make some unique gigs with best description in your own way.

2: Select attractive pictures for your gigs:
it is very important to select attractive pictures for your gigs. And make sure they are clear and according to your gig topic.

3: Keep sending buyers request on regular basis:
Buyer request play most important role in your success. Keep sending 10 requests per day and you will start getting orders in a week or so. If you are lucky enough then you can get even next day after you publish your gig.

Assalamo Alikum. i just did a check on your Profile and we both joined fiverr in May. But i have made zero sales so far and Masha Allah you made a lot of progress. I started trying buyer requests and its been two weeks and i haven’t made any progress.

Thats cool :smiley:

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