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Success with using My Contacts feature


So I recently took full use of the My Contacts feature to get in touch with my existing clients.

Every client that has got back to me so far have either placed an order for 3 or more gigs and are going to talk further with me about their future projects :slight_smile:

I first Googled my clients (type into Google “username”) to see what they had been up to on Fiverr since their last order with me. This helped me to figure out if they had gone elsewhere for their work, how they reviewed other sellers and how long ago their last review was (giving an indication that they might need work again soon).

I also looked back over the previous orders to familiarise myself with what the work was which meant I could use this to ask how their project was going and what their future plans are.

At first I thought the My Contacts feature was a little like begging for work, but using a genuine interest in the client’s work and how they’ve been getting on, with a small message to keep me in mind for future work (as I loved working with them, they gave me stellar reviews etc.) really helped.

I’ve got plans for large amounts of work with each buyer that have returned my messages so far! :slight_smile:

It’s a great feature and I’m glad Fiverr introduced it.


Wow thats great I just only use it for when I need to message a client, I did not know that you can use it to google! Great tip I must try it soon.


How can you find buyer activity on Google?. Could you please explain me as well.


Reply to @strokelogocomp: If you type into Google the term “username” it will bring up any results of the buyers name that appear anywhere on fiverr, including their profile, any reviews they have made and comments and discussions they’ve made on the forum.

It doesn’t always show all results but I find its a good way to figure out if your old buyers are using another seller that provides a similar service to you.

For example if one of your buyers has reviewed your competitors recently but you haven’t received an order from the buyer, you could look at that sellers’ gig to find out why your existing buyer has bought from someone else.

A couple of my old clients used other sellers in the past but seemed fine when I contacted them so I think it might be a case where they haven’t been able to find your gig again.

Or it might be that your competitor is cheaper, so you might be able to work out a price with your buyer so they order from you in future.


Genuinely useful advice on the forum - nice job!

I’m almost tempted to suggest that you put it in “Tips for Sellers”, but that might attract spam posts. :slight_smile: