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SUCCESSFUL Fiverr ID Verification: Here's what you need to know

Maybe you can help me? I failed the ID verification once somehow and my account was restricted. CS helped me restart the process and now I submitted my ID again, and it has been several hours and I have gotten no result? Please see the attached .

I dont have any on that?

Is your ticket still open? You can respond again and state that it still isn’t working.

Hello can you please help . Today i tried to verify my account . I have only my nationality ID and their is only option of verify identity with passport. What should i do , Do you have any solution?
Thanks in Advance!

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In my case I was failed to verify my ID so my account is block but fiverr is not reply from the customer service what can I do for it?

my problem also same now my account is blocked

Hello man,

I’m confused about this ID verification matter!. when I Captured a photo of my ID it’s not working(I mean, my id is not showing on the upload are, and also the next button was not active/working). I have tried with different phones and also try with a scanned document but it still the same.

I don’t understand what to do!. already have tried to connect with Fiverr Customer Support but they still can’t give me a solution to this. they said that they will keep posted if they got any solution for my problem.

It’s 2020, if anyone there please make a quote about it if possible.

thanks in advance.

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How do I go to GALLERY APP?? I have fiverr app, but am not able to click next when taking live photo for verification???

Yes!! I’m having this trouble. There is no way of uploading anymore???

Hi there, you can try to use gallery photo by clicking on the document option under the camera when you going to upload photo. I don’t know it will work for you or not. it’s not workable for me. I don’t know what to do!!

It makes me depressed really!. :pensive:

I don’t even see a spot. When I hit the camera button I don’t get to upload anything ! Also the next button doesn’t function. image|231x500

As i tried with more than one devices, I realize that this option is different by each device. better you can try with another one. last time i have tried with my “Xiaomi Mi 8” device. there was 4 option with Capture and File. I have try with Capture and File too. but, both is not working for me.

But, the Customer Support team still saying that their relevant team is working on this issue still, they will keep posted to me if when they got solution. on the other hand, i have only 7 days left to verify my ID. I don’t know what will be after this!.

By the way, you can try with different device now. if you got any solution, then don’t forget to let me know, please. best of luck.

Yeah I tried tapping the camera button to upload a file but it won’t let me. It goes straight to Camera again. I have an iPhone 11. It doesn’t even take the photo to activate the “next” button. I contacted CS, as I am not sure what else to do either

I’m also on the same way. waiting for CS’s solution.

Hi Alex, just read through this forum and noticed that you and bp9675 are experiencing the same thing that I am! I’ve contacted Customer Service and the person I’ve been assigned to has been no help at all, she’s been telling me that it is my fault and ‘incorrect phone settings’ are the reason why the ‘next’ button not working. So stupid as I can upload photos on every other website except fiverr…

Hopefully you get a better response than me, could you also keep me posted on what your CS officer says as well? - Thanks :slight_smile:


Obviously I will keep posted to you and other victims if I got the solution.

by the way, how many days left to you to verify ID?.

How can i do to be successful here…?
Am new to the system
I need to know more…
Thanks fiverr

I only have 6 more days to verify now

Oh, I see.

Almost same here.

Hello Everyone,

So, I got this notification too, and faced another issue, my ids were not even getting uploaded from the phone, with a couple of days of back and forth with support team, trying different things to upload it so that i am able to verify in time, I was frustrated. I tried many things, image size, scanned pics and id upload but it won’t accept it.

But finally today, I logged in on iPhone, uploaded my id, it uploaded in first attempt and then I uploaded my selfie that too just took a second.

My id verification finished in seconds after that. My previous phone was oneplus 8.

Hope it helps someone.

Thank you and best wishes! [I have replied on another thread as well]