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SUCCESSFUL Fiverr ID Verification: Here's what you need to know

Hi there,

Finally i have done this verification process successfully. I think it doesn’t matter what phone you are using. it was only 4 days left to verify when i was tried last. fortunately it woks and i have verified my id through this process.
I don’t know what was the fault before, i want to suggest to all of the victims of this problem to try everyday one or two times at least. it can be done one day before the validation time.

have got many suggestion from various sources, but nothing is works unfortunately. with my real experience it’s possible to verify smoothly with scanned copy of ID and also no matter what phone you are using, just need to care about camera(a good quality and clear Image is enough, it’s not mandatory to use iphone or something…).

And also, a CS’s guy is help me to stay positive and not to be frustrated as i was getting depressed at all!. but i’m very happy after solve this.

I hope everyone will get rid from this matter.
All the best.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

I have done this process today. and also very happy after this!.

Best of luck, all.

Please help me. I have submitted my all documents once. But my id doesn’t verify.
Fiverr has sent me a link to verify my id. But the link is not working at all. It appears blank.
Please help me I am very frustrated :pensive:

I face same problem. When i click camera button its not working.

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I got the same issue after i submited all of my documents. Also got a link, which seems to not work actually. Expected to find an answer in here, however it seems i will have to wait untill anyone answers. And i do not understand why, but i was having some problems in logging in, it was saying that the password i typed in there was incorrect. However, it was the right one actually. And after a couple of new attempts, the system told me to send a photo of an id card. I sent a fake one which i took from, and it was everything ok since then.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I did my one by following your guide and I am successful. Thank you.

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Hi, I’m trying to verify my account on my Android but the camera option seems to be disabled and it doesn’t show me any other option to continue with the process. Any tips? Thank you.

What is the proven accepted method? Instant photo or pre-shot photo of both selfie and ID card? I have tried both ways. But Still problem isn’t solved.

this is trully helpful for me to aware.

Thanks fiverr & guys those are write & share by wasting their valuable time,

Fvery helpfull post…